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16 December, 2019The Chakras Must Change, Part 2661
9 December, 2019The Chakras Must Change, Part 11243
2 December, 2019 Live for Two Hundred Years?618
25 November, 2019Creating Heaven on Earth609
18 November, 2019Relationship and Wellbeing482
11 November, 2019Spiraling Words Through Chakras784
4 November, 2019New First Chakra Words1001
28 October, 2019Merging the Mental and Emotional Bodies594
21 October, 2019Chakras and Survival739
14 October, 2019Light Formats797
7 October, 2019Looking Backward427
30 September, 2019It’s Only a Growth Period923
17 September, 2019Why Many Archangels and Masters Appear as Male932
16 September, 2019You Have Set a Template in Place784
2 September, 2019Inter-Dimensional Aspects of You854
2 September, 2019Who Are the Teachers of Light, Part 2658
26 August, 2019Who Are the Teachers of Light, Part 1985
19 August, 2019 Using Sound in Your Creations640
12 August, 2019Sound That Is Not Sound770
12 August, 2019Orderliness and Spontaneity496
29 July, 2019Filling the Void484
22 July, 2019Waiting for the Answer911
15 July, 2019Dismantling the Density870
8 July, 2019Strings of Thought704
1 July, 2019 Fitting Beauty into a Box370
27 June, 2019Creating Positive Patterns689
24 June, 2019Knowing Beauty782
10 June, 2019Integrating These Transmissions1037
5 June, 2019Making Decisions as the Soul948
3 June, 2019De-Charging the Magnetics of Issues954