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21 January, 2019The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth877
22 July, 2019Waiting for the Answer911
6 May, 2019Time Recalibrated912
30 September, 2019It’s Only a Growth Period924
5 January, 2019The Christed Matrix929
17 September, 2019Why Many Archangels and Masters Appear as Male934
5 June, 2019Making Decisions as the Soul952
3 June, 2019De-Charging the Magnetics of Issues964
1 April, 2019Master Every Moment?995
26 August, 2019Who Are the Teachers of Light, Part 11001
4 November, 2019New First Chakra Words1004
10 June, 2019Integrating These Transmissions1037
13 May, 2019Fear As A Pattern1049
22 April, 2019You Have Been Gifted1110
28 January, 2019 You Are More Than a Healer1245
9 December, 2019The Chakras Must Change, Part 11249
18 March, 2019The Waves of Flux1263
12 March, 2019The Ray of Atlantian Knowledge1430