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3 January, 2020The Eye of Horus1085
6 January, 2020The Disintegration501
13 January, 2020It Begins With You558
20 January, 2020An Orderliness463
27 January, 2020Waves and Particles, Part One515
3 February, 2020Waves and Particles, Part Two491
10 February, 2020Merging with Creator’s Essence548
19 February, 2020Soul and Spirit558
26 February, 2020Short-Circuit Reactions536
2 March, 2020 A Sense of Disconnection1089
9 March, 2020The First and Second Chakras798
16 March, 2020The Third and Fourth Chakras618
23 March, 2020This Shift of Consciousness1258
6 April, 2020Innocence and Creating Your Reality660
10 April, 2020Planet Called Home751
13 April, 2020Living Within Your Sacred Heart637
24 April, 2020Third Chakra Shift1428
27 April, 2020Lost in Translation?590
4 May, 2020I Could Have Hit a Truck!751
11 May, 2020Less Carbon-Based Body and Brain1014
18 May, 2020Om and the Rays of Creation837
25 May, 2020Polarity, Contrast and Sound685
1 June, 2020What is the Godhead?597
8 June, 2020Another Mind465
25 June, 2020Geometry of Wellbeing652
29 June, 2020Are You Losing Your Friends?1063
6 July, 2020Your Higher Self and Your Soul813
14 July, 2020Ascension Symptoms1413
3 August, 2020The Color Codes in These Transitory Times1152
10 August, 2020Your Etheric Body862