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2 March, 2020 A Sense of Disconnection1092
2 November, 2020 You Are Not Your Problem719
20 January, 2020An Orderliness465
8 June, 2020Another Mind466
29 June, 2020Are You Losing Your Friends?1069
14 July, 2020Ascension Symptoms1436
12 October, 2020Careful Creating588
28 September, 2020Creating Cellular Healing571
25 June, 2020Geometry of Wellbeing657
4 May, 2020I Could Have Hit a Truck!754
6 April, 2020Innocence and Creating Your Reality661
13 January, 2020It Begins With You563
26 October, 2020It’s Not My Problem675
11 May, 2020Less Carbon-Based Body and Brain1016
13 April, 2020Living Within Your Sacred Heart682
27 April, 2020Lost in Translation?592
10 February, 2020Merging with Creator’s Essence551
20 October, 2020Moving Mountains with Sound572
18 May, 2020Om and the Rays of Creation882
10 April, 2020Planet Called Home755
25 May, 2020Polarity, Contrast and Sound686
26 February, 2020Short-Circuit Reactions538
19 February, 2020Soul and Spirit563
5 October, 2020Sound Currents 633
3 August, 2020The Color Codes in These Transitory Times1153
6 January, 2020The Disintegration503
17 August, 2020The Etheric Body and Choice, Part 1621
24 August, 2020The Etheric Body and Choice, Part 2461
3 January, 2020The Eye of Horus1107
9 March, 2020The First and Second Chakras801