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31 August, 2020Your Soul Spirit in a Physical Body763
6 July, 2020Your Higher Self and Your Soul820
10 August, 2020Your Etheric Body863
1 June, 2020What is the Godhead?597
3 February, 2020Waves and Particles, Part Two491
27 January, 2020Waves and Particles, Part One515
14 September, 2020Unifying Your Bodies - Part 2509
17 September, 2020Unifying Your Bodies - Part 1691
21 September, 2020Unconscious Creating541
12 November, 2020Throwing Energy1128
23 March, 2020This Shift of Consciousness1262
24 April, 2020Third Chakra Shift1428
16 March, 2020The Third and Fourth Chakras618
1 December, 2020The Higher Purpose of the Ego641
9 March, 2020The First and Second Chakras798
3 January, 2020The Eye of Horus1090
24 August, 2020The Etheric Body and Choice, Part 2457
17 August, 2020The Etheric Body and Choice, Part 1614
6 January, 2020The Disintegration501
3 August, 2020The Color Codes in These Transitory Times1152
5 October, 2020Sound Currents 626
19 February, 2020Soul and Spirit558
26 February, 2020Short-Circuit Reactions536
25 May, 2020Polarity, Contrast and Sound685
10 April, 2020Planet Called Home751
18 May, 2020Om and the Rays of Creation851
20 October, 2020Moving Mountains with Sound567
10 February, 2020Merging with Creator’s Essence548
27 April, 2020Lost in Translation?590
13 April, 2020Living Within Your Sacred Heart658