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30 October, 2020Blue Moon804
29 October, 2020You Have the Courage Necessary609
28 October, 2020Persevere Along Your Path542
27 October, 2020Commit To Your Process of Healing460
26 October, 2020Great Purification813
23 October, 2020A Deeper Meaning571
21 October, 2020Trust in Yourself466
20 October, 2020Into the Unknown446
19 October, 2020Respond Wisely476
16 October, 2020Into the Flow647
15 October, 2020Into the Flow449
14 October, 2020Sanctuary of Your Soul431
13 October, 2020Mercury Retrograde503
12 October, 2020Work With What Arises440
9 October, 2020Turning Point921
8 October, 2020Align With Your Light447
7 October, 2020Master Your Fears337
6 October, 2020Confront & Release Your Fears374
5 October, 2020Make Time To Turn Inward468
2 October, 2020Hope in a Dying World546
1 October, 2020Full Moon - Hold the Light600