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7 January, 2009Surviving the Labor of ReBirth 777
21 January, 2009Aligning with the Cosmic Pulse 778
19 February, 2009On Finding Purpose - Council of One831
7 January, 2009The Incubation Space - Agartha971
27 February, 2009Allowing What is to Be1083
11 February, 2009The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius1157
28 January, 2009The Grace of Living Inter-dimensionally1191
24 March, 2009Stand Up for What You Stand For1760
13 March, 2009BEcoming Who You Know Yourself to BE - Spiritual Hierarchy2456
18 March, 2009Surving the Void2518
9 April, 2009Mastering Distraction: The Art of Getting What You Want2568
5 March, 2009A New Game Begins - Lord Arcturus2689
30 March, 2009Creating With Mastery: Tools for the Trade 2808
20 April, 2009Where Love Does All the Work - Lord Arcturus2841
11 March, 2009New Beginnings Need Space to Land 3150
9 July, 2009Activating the New-Human Template3502
2 June, 2009Teetering on the Dimensional Divide3510
7 May, 2009Stepping FULLY into Yourself3630
5 September, 2009What to do While Dawdling in Downtime3676
16 June, 2009Final Energy Update/Invitation to Galactic Celebration!3744
28 May, 2009Prepare for Landing4331
13 May, 2009The Merging of Soul Partnerships - Sirian High Council4341
26 June, 2009We Have/Have We...Arrived?4688
12 August, 2009Stabilizing in the New Timeline4769
19 April, 2009The Countdown Begins4848
14 August, 2009Emerging from the Cocoon, Embracing Divine Love4981
22 October, 2009Merging Into Completeness5283
10 November, 2009The 6th Night & The New Cycle of Time5565
17 December, 200912:21 - Out With the Old, In with the New6135
14 July, 2009Welcome Home!6365