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17 November, 20216 Weeks of Catalysts to Change Your Life - Navigating Eclipse Season1042
14 October, 2021Own The Power of Your Yes - Being A Conscious Change Agent625
4 October, 2021Life Force & Embodying Passion - Sustaining Your Life Force618
26 September, 2021Being At Home With Yourself - A Key Wound to Heal in the 2020s506
14 September, 2021Being At Home With Yourself - A Key Wound to Heal in The 2020s542
10 September, 2021How To Embody Your Passion - Born To Do What You Do742
27 August, 2021Illusive Peace - What Blocks Inner Joy781
17 August, 2021Decision Remorse - Be Willing to Change Your Mind614
13 August, 2021The Blessings of Feeling Lost - Finding Your North Star666
7 August, 2021The Gift of Waiting - Powerful Moon Process722
1 August, 2021How to Navigate Unwelcome Endings - Opportunity at An Ending974
5 July, 2021Trusting Your Feelings - Connect with Your Larger Self478
28 June, 2021It's The Little Things - Transformational Signs677
16 June, 2021Honoring the Divine Feminine - Solstice Rebirth661
9 June, 2021Intensity & The Void - Look for Signs1058
17 May, 2021The Circle of Love - Loss & Heart Opening537
10 May, 2021Wesak - Catalyst for New Beginnings -A New Vision555
3 May, 2021Keep The Gifts Of Your Experience - Move On With Wisdom471
29 April, 2021Your Greatest Asset - How To Feel More Fulfilled601
22 April, 2021Imagine You Are Extraordinary864
12 April, 2021If The Earth Could Speak - Our Role in What Happens Next533
31 March, 2021The Good The Bad & The Extraordinary - 3 Steps To Get Inspired477
18 March, 2021Prepare for Equinox - Understanding this Gateway1121
9 February, 2021Language of the Heart - Bridge to Understanding554
25 January, 2021What To Do While You're Waiting - Update Your Life Vision Process608
17 January, 2021Calm Before The Storm - Finding Peace Amidst Uncertainty877
3 January, 2021New Beginnings in 2021 - 3 Qualities for a Stellar Year749