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30 June, 2018Emotions & Your Inner Compass1023

Ann Albers

30 June, 2018July 2018 Astro-Energy Report - Truth Found in Darkness2288

Sarah Varcas

30 June, 2018Consciousness Upgrade - July 20188

Emmanuel Dagher

30 June, 2018Our Photonic Light Bodies Continue to Evolve1213

Lisa Transcendence Brown

30 June, 2018Alicia’s Mirror1622


29 June, 2018Let's Be Friends (Part 4)323

Neale Donald Walsch

29 June, 2018July 2018 Ascension Energies – Universal Family1925

Jamye Price

27 June, 2018Remaining Conscious in an Unconscious World774

Leonard Jacobson

27 June, 2018Heavenletter #6362 What Matters to You When the Sun Sets?507


27 June, 2018Summer Solstice: Blue Ray Higher Octave Ascension Wave Frequencies2160

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

25 June, 2018Are You Feeding Fear?1230

Brenda Hoffman

25 June, 2018Seek Connection, Not Approval1307

Jennifer Hoffman

25 June, 2018Cosmic Energy Report: June was a "Calm" month, yet July, well... 1558

Lisa Transcendence Brown

24 June, 2018Weekly Forecast: June 24 – 30, 2018914

Karmic Tools

24 June, 2018Inspiration for the Week - Anchoring True Wisdom Within You647

Shanta Gabriel

24 June, 2018The Two Most Misunderstood Energies1088

Owen Waters

23 June, 2018Don't Close Your Heart...956

Ann Albers

22 June, 2018Let's Be Friends (Part 3)489

Neale Donald Walsch

22 June, 2018Solstice Message1254

Jamye Price

22 June, 2018 Quantum Shifting: As NEW Earth REALities Replace the Old 822

Lisa Transcendence Brown

21 June, 2018Solstice Energy1881

Kara Schallock

21 June, 2018As More BEcomes Visible, What DO you DO?1085

Lisa Transcendence Brown

21 June, 2018Mars Retro: Anger and other Energy needing Expression1725

Dana Mrkich

19 June, 2018Heavenletter #6354 Truth in Dreams597


19 June, 2018Solstice Renewal 1175


18 June, 2018Creating a New Star Path1464

Brenda Hoffman

17 June, 2018Weekly Forecast: June 17 – 23, 2018951

Karmic Tools

17 June, 2018Integrate Balance542

Goddess Light

17 June, 2018Solstice June 2018 and the Lion's Gate 8/8 20183434

Celia Fenn

17 June, 2018Fathers Day and Father Energy617

Jennifer Hoffman

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