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30 June, 2020Be Deeply Present447
23 June, 2020Deeper Understandings483
1 June, 2020Change Is Certain484
29 June, 2020A Time of Power and Change487
8 June, 2020Healing & Releasing the Past491
2 June, 2020Restoring Balance498
22 June, 2020Breakthrough Into a New Cycle540
16 June, 2020Fresh Eyes543
9 June, 2020Weaving a New Reality556
26 June, 2020Your Soul's Adventure560
25 June, 2020Overcoming Fears571
3 June, 2020Bring More Light Into the World595
18 June, 2020Mercury Retrograde615
12 June, 2020Recognise Opportunity630
10 June, 2020Interlude of Chaos721
5 June, 2020Lunar Eclipse722
17 June, 2020Magic Is Afoot766
24 June, 2020Freedom From Karmic Constraints823
4 June, 2020Light at the End of the Tunnel872
11 June, 2020Purging & Purification874
15 June, 2020Prepare for Transformation1039
19 June, 2020Sunday's Solstice New Moon Solar Eclipse1064
26 June, 2020Our Collective Awakening1305