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13 July, 2021Joy as a Light in the World424
14 July, 2021External World is a Reflection of Your Inner World513
15 July, 2021Keep Your Light Strong517
5 July, 2021Inner Turbulence518
27 July, 2021Follow the Impulses of Your Soul526
26 July, 2021Be Calm and Receptive535
6 July, 2021Excess Energy546
19 July, 2021 Time of Deep Collective & Individual Healing553
7 July, 2021 Evaluate & Reflect569
21 July, 2021Harness Your Energy573
16 July, 2021Let Go of Distractions579
22 July, 2021Tune into What Is Most Meaningful623
1 July, 2021Apparent Darkness675
12 July, 2021New Level of Sensitivity699
30 July, 2021Claim Your Power & Energy742
8 July, 2021See Below the Surface751
20 July, 2021Breaking the Mold of the Past754
29 July, 2021What Threads do You Need to Release762
2 July, 2021Space to Adjust777
9 July, 2021New Moon – A Welcome Change1073
23 July, 2021Full Moon Breakthrough1126