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30 July, 2021Claim Your Power & Energy685
29 July, 2021What Threads do You Need to Release720
27 July, 2021Follow the Impulses of Your Soul517
26 July, 2021Be Calm and Receptive530
23 July, 2021Full Moon Breakthrough1117
22 July, 2021Tune into What Is Most Meaningful612
21 July, 2021Harness Your Energy566
20 July, 2021Breaking the Mold of the Past751
19 July, 2021 Time of Deep Collective & Individual Healing550
16 July, 2021Let Go of Distractions572
15 July, 2021Keep Your Light Strong511
14 July, 2021External World is a Reflection of Your Inner World513
13 July, 2021Joy as a Light in the World422
12 July, 2021New Level of Sensitivity695
9 July, 2021New Moon – A Welcome Change1072
8 July, 2021See Below the Surface747
7 July, 2021 Evaluate & Reflect568
6 July, 2021Excess Energy544
5 July, 2021Inner Turbulence518
2 July, 2021Space to Adjust773
1 July, 2021Apparent Darkness674