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This is the shift of consciousness; we knew it was coming for a long time. I first heard about this about fifteen years ago; it seemed so far away

Saying no is often difficult, but when we say yes when we want to say no it can have some unpleasant consequences. We can feel trapped, not understood, we can build resentment and find ourselves under even more pressure.

My friends often tell me that if you’re taking care of other people you have to take care of yourself first, but when people need you it’s often tempting to pay lip service to what that means.

Connecting your soul to your body with mindful intention is a wonderful way to feel conscious and present in the moment.

Intuitive guidance system only works if there is purpose. So you couldn’t expect to be guided on simply thinking ‘what should I do with my life?’

There is a form of energy that comes through us. You can feel it, know it, and be changed by it. It’s a universal energy, like the energy of creation or the life force itself.

I have been asked three times last week about finding self love. I always take note when things come in three’s so here is some tips on how to find self love.

Becky Walsh > Holding On To Love

If you are ‘of love’ you hold up a mirror to people, who are struggling with love. They may have unresolved issues in their past. They may have fallen by the same triggers they present you with.

I haven’t watched much TV in the past two years and I have noticed a trend towards criticising other people’s efforts as a form of entertainment. It’s likely always been like this, I just happen to be more aware of it.

To live intuitively is to live in freedom. When we know how to trust our intuition, we have much more control over the ego, over our own fear, and to live in abundance in a magical world of possibility.

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