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Lee Carroll

Kryon > The Circle of Energy

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of magnetic service. There will be those in this room who do not understand the preciousness of this time. There will be those who will say that the energies here are of the Human, not Spirit. Let us say to you, as we have said so many times previously, that the energy that flows into this place and that presses upon you from the front, the back and the sides, are from those who have come to wash your feet. Let that be the proof that this is not ordinary.
Steve Rother
From Steve This was originally to go out last month and was preempted by the live channel that we presented from the meadow of creation. As it turns out this is even more timely now. This explains the turmoil on our planet from a higher perspective and where this energy is going. We have choices about what is ahead. The Groups message is simple. The Group: Greetings from Home:
Rebecca Couch
Blessed ones - we are honoured to be with you today. Be still - for you fret too much. Do not worry about "what is going on out there" but be only concerned with what is going on "in here"...within yourselves. The external is but a small fraction of the internal program - like the "screen" on your computer compared to its full capabilities. Do not be mesmerized
Steve Rother

Lightworker > Farewell to the Sword

From Steve:

A flash of lightening followed by the crack of thunder woke me from the first deep sleep I had all week. 6:30 am and all I could think of were the plans we had made to take all the Lightworkers to the meadow half way up Mt Shasta. As I took a deep breath I realized that this entire week had been an exercise in flexibility for me.

Sonia Barrett

Sonia Barrett > War In the Matrix

Just how much of what we see and think is visual and mind manipulation? This current reflection of the Earth plane; the matrix of our perceived reality; is overshadowed by a projection of war. For several years now we the inhabitants of this reality have been receiving the programming for war and diseases through movies, television video games and the media. We receive our programming for every aspect of our lives from love, hate, happiness, clothes, food, mates, careers, cars, insurance, and reminders of our human limitation and so on.

Lee Carroll

Kryon > The Unity of Humanity

This channelling was transcribed from the last Kryon event before the September 11, 2001 tragedy.
Steve Rother

Lightworker > Challenge to the Human Angels

From Steve

Last week I received this channel from our transcription manager. I looked at it and thought this would be a great one to share for the next Beacons of Light. In editing I realized that there were references here to events that were taking place that very day.

Steve Rother
From Steve Being in touch with the Group these past years has given me a different perspective on just about everything in my life. They constantly re-mind me that I have choice about my reality in every moment. That is the true power to create our own version of Heaven here on Earth. Furthermore we are responsible for that power and for using it to the highest and best use.
Lee Carroll

Kryon > The Grid and DNA

Greetings, dear ones, I AM Kryon of magnetic service!

Steve Rother

From Steve. . .

On Earth we are seeing gasoline prices soar, natural gas and electricity are going through the roof as the stock market in several countries is taking a nosedive. What's going on? The Group doesn't get involved with the normal ups and downs of our economies, however, they say that a trend has begun and we are now experiencing the New Earth even as the economies of our world begin to shift.


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