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Solar energy...and working with your "base" note... Well, the past few days have certainly been energetically challenging. When I checked on the Solar "weather", I see that a new sunspot has formed, with the potential for a solar flare and geomagnetic disturbances.

Right now, Earth is inside a Solar Wind and is experiencing geomagnetic storm conditions. This means that the energy is pretty intense, and you may be feeling the effects of that in your daily life. I know I have - this morning I went to our busy shopping mall and we had to evacuate for a bomb scare. So, there I was with thousands of people all running for our cars as the sirens wailed, and trying to get away as fast as we could. Ah well- modern life! I came home and sat in my peaceful garden and allowed the soft energies of nature to do their work. I have been in Europe for two weeks this month, and so I have been experiencing the Earth from the Northern hemisphere instead of my usual Southern "perch". Well, there it is Spring, and new life is blossoming forth, a little early this year. But it seems with all the other excitements that accompany the great changes, the Elemental energies are just as excited and can't wait to get to work at creating the new season.
Dearest Lightworkers, April was a powerful month for you. It carried the “Easter” energies of the enlightened Christ Consciousness, the Divine Masculine in its luminous form. As you experience this pure energy, you experience also the pure energy of the Divine Feminine, the Twin Flame of the Christ Light. In many of you this was felt as an urge to align with the absolute truth of Who You Are, beyond illusions, just pure Love and Truth. This meant facing up to the illusions that you still carried within yourselves, and releasing them. And, as you released, you felt also the pain and sorrow that must be felt and released as you release illusions and embrace the purity of the Christ Light within.
After all the turbulence and shift of the last two months, February may seem like a quiet month. There is no great solar activity right now, and the cosmic weather seems clear. But there is no doubt that we are still feeling the after effects or the after "shock" of the great transition that we have been through. Add to that the effects of Mercury Retrograde...everything seems jammed and stuck or falling apart! Actually, what is happening at high speed, is that all sorts of "jammed" issues are coming up to be rapidly resolved. That is why I call it the "quiet storm". I am finding that these issues are happening so fast that my head spins and I can't keep up. Its like...whooosh...ok, thats gone. Next!


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