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Healers world wide are being called into action for Universal Synchronization June 21st - August 12th from the Star Elders and the Invisible Councils of Light through Aluna Joy Yaxk'in.


June, July, and August is going to be a hot bed of transformation, and I am not talking about the thermometer either. This is the biggest shift to hit the consciousness of humanity to date, and I know you are feeling it.

This past April and May has been a rollercoaster ride of energy. The waves of energy have risen up to an entirely new level. How long can you tread the wave without drowning?

Center of the Sun > Earth's Resurrection

From Stele B - the ONE voice of the Living Stones of COPAN  I recorded this message on our last day in COPAN, March 27th. The day was a 11 BEN and a 1 KAT day.

Our yearly pilgrimage to the Maya lands this year evolved to a whole new level. Retrogrades and eclipses fueled the pre-tour intensities. We were traveling directly after our US commander, Chief GWB, who visited Guatemala a few days prior. Not an unusual occurrence for us.

Center of the Sun > Spring Equinox Maya New Year Report

One step further into the galactic plane  Feb/March 2007  The Maya have a saying "Uk'ux kaj - Uk'ux Ulew". It means "from the Heart of the Heavens to the Heart of the Earth".

Center of the Sun > Pre-flections for 2007

It is the time for the final cut for the Galactic UN Peace Team!  The arrival of the year of 2007 crashed through you like a burning asteroid or shook you like a massive earthquake. It transformed you with a huge tsunami of immaculate energy. If you have made it this far . . .
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