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I've just returned from a month of traveling and I'm happy to be home for the start of the holiday season. As I mentioned last week, I set out to accomplish the first goal of my 49th year by attempting to surf at Del Mar beach in California. Attempting is the operative word.

It's the time of year when I celebrate my birthday (Happy Birthday, fellow Scorpios!) by practicing a ritual that I've used for more than fifteen years. I've shared it with you before, and since it reflects a powerful way to create your life with intention, I thought I'd share it again this year. Here's what I do:

"Living with contradiction, holding together polarities, making room for divergence leads to vitality and enables us to see opposites not as dead ends but as a series of open doors.

During stressful times, one of the things that sees us through is self-confidence - confidence in our ability to do whatever it takes to weather a storm; trust in ourselves enough to know that we'll take the necessary actions that will honor our self-care; and courage to do the tough stuff even when everything inside us wants to run and hide.

Use your voice. Speak up. Tell your truth. Stop tolerating less than what the wisest part of you knows you deserve. These are some of the messages woven into my next book, The Art of Extreme Self Care: Transform Your Life One Month at a Time. This past week, I had an experience related to these issues that touched me deeply.

This morning, I sat on my deck in the sun, thinking about the day and what I would write in this week's newsletter. After enjoying a period of silence, I picked up one of the "daily inspiration" books that I often read to start the day off on the right foot. I closed my eyes, picked a page at random and instantly knew I was meant to share the passage with you.

What a week it's been. On Friday, I had several conversations with people who are frightened about the welfare of our world, panicked about losing their hard-earned savings, and deeply concerned about the future for their children. During each exchange, I found myself thinking about what I would share in this week's newsletter to help you. After all, all of us, regardless of where we live in the world, are being affected by these challenging times. So, in keeping with my reputation for writing from my own life experience, here's what I'm doing:

Cheryl Richardson > Don't Panic

"The key to shifting from bailout to breakthrough is to see the current challenge as an evolutionary call to action - a step that, when taken, will lift your life to a whole new level!" ~ Me :)

Last week, I delivered a sermon for a local Unity Church about creating global peace. My intention was to talk about where peace originates and what each one of us can do to create more of it on earth. I began the sermon by asking the audience to close their eyes and listen as I read the following. Please be sure to read all the way through before making any assumptions.

Every year on September 11th, I perform a "remembrance ritual" to remind myself of the things that mattered most on September 12th in 2001. This year was no different. On this important day, I spent the morning quietly by myself answering the questions I use for this ritual (I've included them below) and then thought about the souls who lost their lives seven years ago.


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