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Circle of Light > Holding the Focus of Love in a Changing World

Beloved ones, I reach for you with all My Love and I wrap you in the tenderness and the assurance of your true Reality. As I do so and you feel your heart respond, you will also feel a sense of urgency, the urgency with which I call, asking you, My dear heart, to remember who you are quickly. As you do, please make the choice to place your consciousness in the truth of Love.

Circle of Light > I Am Coming for You, Humanity

Beloved ones, My heart, oh, beautiful humanity, I call to you and your heart rises in response. Today I Am here to say to you that the illusion of our separation can no longer hold sway. I have come to claim your hearts, oh, humanity!

As you begin to live beyond the mind, beyond the realm of ego, you will be living in the oneness. What you will find is that each moment is bliss because you are living at Love’s vibration, and yes, even the world of duality fades and your experience on Earth is one of unity.

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