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As the light increases more and more on Earth, it is to this light that I ask you all to attune, and feeling the living River, the dancing particles of living light, let yourself remember that it is this light of which you are made. Let yourselves deeply feel the intelligence of every particle, of every electron and every atom of your being. Rather than continuing to allow the little focus of the ego mind which keeps you focused on a structure of personality, body and ego, let yourselves identify, instead, with the light of which you are made, because this is the truth of your being – that you come forth as singing light, the movement of Love. Your true nature is light, always and forever.

Circle of Light > Everything You Need Is Within

First, beloved ones, it must live in you and it is this that is before you now. Everything that you perceive as necessary for your life to be the full expression of the joyous creative power of God I Am, all of it, is alive within you. The source is present as your heart and the blazing power of the universe of Love is pulsing forth to sustain you now and is ever ready to sustain all of humanity, as the One Heart of God.

Circle of Light > In the Midst of the Shift

In the Midst of the Shift -- From Gravity and Technology to The Atomic Power of Love. Keeping God at the Center

Circle of Light > Being the Conduit for Love

As you open your heart and feel this flow of Love, My beloved and precious ones, you can also feel how hungry your heart is. How it drinks in this Love, this Love that is the heart's perfect food! How, as you open and surrender, your heart becomes that glorious conduit for the greatest Love there is!

Love rushes in from the explosion of Creation itself, Love that is the pulsing miracle.

Circle of Light > Dissolving, Releasing Individuated Consciousness

Beloved ones, the time has come for a final threshold that is as necessary to you as breathing, for it is the acceptance of your reality as the full heart beat. Until this moment we have focused on the beat that is moving outward that shows you as an individuated consciousness, a functioning Twin Flame heart.

Circle of Light > Gratitude, The Greatest Prayer - The Thanksgiving Message

It is your purpose, beloved ones, to live the truth of God I Am, the endless freedom, the magnificent abundance, the glorious and ever-present Love and the deep pulsing awareness of Creation itself within you as the force of Love’s deep expression through your Twin Flame heart. It is your purpose to express these things with all the energy of your true being into the symbols of life on Eart
Let Me touch your heart and as I do, beloved ones, feel yourself open and let your heart, like a magnet, find its way to Me and to this whole and perfect Love that we are together. In this perfect Love, let your world be born, that each and every moment, each breath and every movement come forth from your union with Me.

Circle of Light > Beyond Co-Creation

Release all barriers until you find yourself merging with this Love in such a deep and powerful experience of grace that you remember what it means to be this Love fully present, not only remembering how it feels to live in this Love, to be surrounded by this Love, to be Love this much – but to recognize this Love as you and that every conscious atom of your being is pulsing to the rhythm o

Circle of Light > Our True Home Is Already Here

As you turn your focus gently to the great within, opening yourselves to the realms of light that are your true Home, you can feel the vast and living cosmos alive within you always and you recognize in this moment, there is nothing outside of yourself and you can feel My presence throughout the whole, loving, loving you intimately as we share the whole of Creation.

Circle of Light > Believe in the Light and Not in the World

It is time, beloved ones, to find the Light that never recedes and to bask in the sunlight of the truth of My Love all day long – to find within yourself the deep assurance of the Light that is forever and to hold this in your focus until duality recedes -- until you reclaim a world of beauty in which the sky is rainbow colored, a scintillating void that proclaims the Great of God, and to f
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