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You are living every moment in the River of Life, and all around you is the vibration, the sweet communication of electrons of light and the song of Creation itself in which your hearts are ever soaring and singing praises for the gift of life, amazement at the awakening each moment to Twin Flame Love and the gift of being the embodiment of My heart. All of this is communication on the level of pure vibration, of the singing, dancing movement of the glorious song of Love. This communication that is expressed as light which is the language of Love’s movement is ever and always perfect in its expression and its harmony, as every part of the living whole interweaves together. Into this your hearts are waking every Now Moment.

Circle of Light > Stepping Out of Consensual Reality

Bathe yourself constantly in the River of Life, dearest ones, that you might feel its vibration cleansing you and attuning you to the Real.

Circle of Light > Beyond The Illusion of Aging

All That I Am you are, timeless, whole, magnificent, and perfect right now. Are you ready to leave behind the illusion of aging? To drop the false perceptions of life that is less than God?

Circle of Light > God’s Call This Christmas: Stepping into the Light of the Christos

We enter the time of year again where there is an opening for the Light of the Christos, a time for a great infusion of Love. This is a time, beloved ones, when the veil of illusion is dispersed and the Star of the living Heart of God is truly visible, calling to you with the song of resonance to the truth that lives within you.

Circle of Light > Real Ecstasy

In each Now Moment, the glorious light and the magnificent Love come together, and in an explosion of ecstasy create more Love and more Presence. In other words, in the Holy Now, Creation is experienced, and in every expression of All That I Am, Divine Masculine is moving and merging with Divine Feminine again and again. The merging comes, and there is only All, the All of God, full Presence. Then, the heartbeat moves and the heart is known and relationship blossoms again. This movement of Love and consciousness, the All and the miracle of relationship is immediately and intimately experienced the moment there is the release of the ego.

Circle of Light > Being the Whole

All That I Am is one glorious whole filled with so many unique expressions of life. Each one, each unique energy is vital to the functioning of the glorious whole. Analogies can be helpful, so it is useful to consider the body and how there are so many uniquely functioning organs and parts, energy streams, pathways, connections within it.

Circle of Light > It is Time to be Reborn in the Spirit

I Am asking you and all humanity for a new choice to stand forth as the Christ. This choice is to be reborn of the spirit and of My Love and to allow Me to be your parents as the great rays of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine that bring you this Love.

Beloved ones, in the Now Moment, Love is becoming. It emerges whole and perfect and the blossoming of My heart. It is supported by the whole of Creation as knowledge, as the miracle that is you, lifted up into fuller life, more open, more available, and more alive in the power of Love. Beloved ones, this is you in this moment, bursting forth, complete in total ecstasy, a laughing splendor of My discovery of Love, My All in the miracle of the Love I Am given expression and focus.

Beloved ones, I Am here. I Am here with you. I Am here for you, and I Am here in you. Your heart sees it all, for your heart sees the great cosmic circle of Love. Your heart sees omni-directionally. Your heart sees everything at once, and your heart sees the microcosm of Love where every electron sparks and explodes in joy, and the truth of God dances forth to create new things always.

As you are present here in the living Now, alive to the glorious dance of Creation, you are present to the experience of the fullness of every life. So not only are you present throughout the glorious hologram with no barriers between you and All that Is, but you are fully alive, conscious and able to perceive, through the language of vibration, the truth of each living heart. For All That I Am being holographic, every part contains the whole, and therefore every part has a heart, a center that beats with the heart beat of the All of Love and feeds each life this communion of God I Am.
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