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Beloved ones, it is time to allow your hearts to beat with Mine. It is time to feel the pulse and the rhythm of life that, in the center of All That Is, is ever keeping time with the creative forces of Love. Not your physical hearts…but the heart that is Real… It is the heart that is the center of My life, of this conscious Creation. The heartbeat of God is ever pulsing in you, that you might be aligned with the truth of Love I Am -- every moment a force for perfect life.

Beloved ones, feel this Light that is blazing from your heart. Follow it into the very center of your being where you connect with the power of life, with the force of Love, with the Moment of Creation. Let the movement of Love create this heart and blaze its truth into everything. When you let the Light illuminate everything, you recognize that you have become a source of Light itself.

Beloved ones, as you come into this time of the year, the time when the light is clear and pure, the time when the dream is moved aside, you can stand in the light and see everywhere in the moment where the heart creates awareness of your freedom.

Circle of Light > Meditation through Yael

Beloved God, we come to you tonight acknowledging that we are your heart and asking, God, that You open us as your heart – that we may be fully and gloriously functioning here on Earth. We ask that You use us tonight as a conduit for Your perfect Love, to bless this world and to wash through our being. Join us together as You always do, creating this wonderful connection.

Circle of Light > Unconditional Joy

We have spoken often about unconditional Love but today, dearest ones, I speak to you about unconditional joy, and I would like to ask you to let this phrase touch your heart and elicit the feeling of joy that is totally unrelated to anything in your personal life – joy that is huge and magnificent, that is truly the movement of Love and sings through your being easily in ecstasy every Now
As you feel this light within you that is the light I Am, then you know that you are worthy of all that is true abundance and the truth of Love I Am, because you understand this life is one with Me. There is no personality, nothing between us that can interfere with this shining life and its one expression of itself.

Circle of Light > Stepping Out of Consensual Reality

Bathe yourself constantly in the River of Life, dearest ones, that you might feel its vibration cleansing you and attuning you to the Real.

Circle of Light > The Whole of Love Restores Every Part

When you are in the Real in your heart in the truth of the All, the workings of Love can be trusted, no matter what they are. I promise you that I always have more good waiting for you than your little mind or ego could ever imagine.

Circle of Light > From the Heart Experiencing the Trust of Love

From the Heart Experiencing the Trust of Love, The Whole of Love Restores Every Part, Even in the Most Difficult Situations.

With your every breath let yourself fly free, feeling the truth of your magnificent heart, feeling the vibration where we come together – Creator and Creator’s heart.
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