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As you are present here in the living Now, alive to the glorious dance of Creation, you are present to the experience of the fullness of every life. So not only are you present throughout the glorious hologram with no barriers between you and All that Is, but you are fully alive, conscious and able to perceive, through the language of vibration, the truth of each living heart. For All That I Am being holographic, every part contains the whole, and therefore every part has a heart, a center that beats with the heart beat of the All of Love and feeds each life this communion of God I Am.

Circle of Light > Vibration is Infallible

Excerpts from the Messages from God Through Yael and Doug Powell Vibration is Infallible. We are Already Overflowing With our Inheritance from God.
Excerpts from:
  • Heart Perception and Communication In a Background of Consciousness
  • Claiming It All for God
As you choose heart perception and the resulting heart communication, you step into the only language that is based on truth. It is a language that is so pure it shall always exist beyond Time, and bring each precious being into the great symphony of Love in which every heart is heard as Love’s Real voice.

Circle of Light > Accept the Gifts of Love

It is time to accept Love’s gifts and it is time, thus, to step into the New World, because what has been accomplished has been a shift in foundational heart’s beliefs. In opening to Love as you have raised your vibration and bathed your hearts again and again in the glory of My Love, for all humankind important heart’s beliefs have been opened, recognized and brought back to Love. Thus, does the light penetrate your entire being including life on Earth and all heart’s beliefs. Most of all, the message is that, beloved ones, you are done, and you are ready to accept the gifts of Love. Therefore, all your attention now can be placed on what you are receiving and you have room in your heart, beloved ones, to hold this.
You are the feeling nature of God. You are, beloved ones, how I love. Therefore, today I want to pose to you the question, how much does the heart of God love? It is in answer to that question that you will finally find yourselves and come to know who you really are; what you are really made out of. Most of all, how you feel. Oh, beloved ones, the little ego mind has robbed you of your inheritance in so many ways that you don’t even see. You are living blind. Living paltry lives based in fear of Love. Out of all the things in all Creation that you should not ever fear, the greatest of these is Love for it is who you are. So as we create the course, build the bridge to freedom, as you live each step for humanity of the awakening from the dream, the time has come, beloved ones, to free your heart. To free your glorious being from the tyranny of the ego and to give you back your capacity to be Real Love.
Beloved ones, I reach for you with the coming of this New Year to make of you the living chalice, the chalice of the Twin Flame heart from which humanity shall drink -- drink the glorious waters of truth that wash free the calcified identities of humanness and make of every precious heart the free and fluid movement, the living and glorious spirit of God I Am. All of you must rise, dear ones, and open your magnificent hearts and allow Me to empty you of every bit of the limited self, the old human identity that I may truly fill you up with the living waters that are the Christ, the movement of My perfect Love through My glorious heart, the heart that is you.
Being the ecstatic presence of the heart of God, this, beloved ones, is the experience that now fully becomes your daily life, living in the eternal Now Moment, in the fullness of ecstatic joy, completely alive as My living presence. Because of this, you lift up humanity easily to the Real, and once in the Real allowing the explosion of Love in your hearts to truly dissolve any images of who you are, and free and open, allowing Me to become your full identity as well. We have spoken often of allowing the River of Life to claim you, of allowing your heart to be so open and so present that all the Love that I Am is fully embodied as you, and every life, be it the most tiny microscopic or the most glorious and expanded being – every life is to be loved by you for you are the heart of God I Am.
Once again the star rises over Bethlehem and the whole world proclaims again the birth of Christ, this time as humanity, because this year is the year of the oneness, of the uniting of all hearts together as Christ. My Message to you, beloved ones, this Christmas is more deep and profound than ever -- that which you do unto others is that which you do unto yourself. More than ever, beloved ones, life on Earth is a reflection of the choices and the vibration in every heart and consciousness. While those words may speak to some of you only about your actions, I want to say to you, beloved ones, that your thoughts are actions too. Everything that you think about another person comes through your body, your being and your heart and sets forth a clear vibration. That vibration manifests in your life, beloved ones, as perfectly as if you had requested it of Me in your prayers at night.

Circle of Light > Life Is LoveMaking

Beloved ones, the time has come to open up this illusory world to the glorious light of living Love that is the truth that is the Real and to allow this Love to fully permeate every life, every heart, the whole atmosphere. As this is occurring, what I ask of you is to open your hearts to receive it and to open the hearts of My precious ones, cells of My living heart, Christ Spirit, that they may truly feel as you now experience – that right here is the great LoveMaking, that there is no place that it is not. It is impossible for anything to be left out of the magnificent orgasmic experience of this ongoing movement of Love.
As the light pouring into the world increases, it sends forth a call, asking who on Earth can feel this, can recognize it and claim it as their own, and anyone who does so receives the greatest blessing and the most assistance in raising the vibration to Home – to the glorious realms of Love and light of which you are made. So, beloved ones, today I come to you and speak to you of vibration, and I send forth a plea to all of you once again, to deeply commit to raising your vibration constantly, to bringing your vibrational level in resonance with the realms of light, because as you know already, vibration is everything. It is the universal language of the Spirit. It is that which creates the magnet which brings forth the symbols of your life, and it is that which either creates the veil (if the vibration moves into duality), or it is that which opens the door to you, to your life as the living Christ.
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