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Beloved ones, let Me speak to you today about life force, about this River of Life that flows unerringly from Me that nourishes your glorious being, kisses every cell of your body and rejoices with every atom in its Twin Flame Love. When your whole being is alive in this ecstasy, there can be no room for an illusion of pain. No room for the shadow dance of a world of duality but rather, only the experience of Real Twin Flame Love. Twin Flame Love is a part of the glorious cosmos that is ever and always in union, experiencing the movement and the merging and the exploding forth that comes from the great engine of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. This occurs always in ecstasy and the living grace that is the truth of Love as My only fiat that goes forth every Now forever. It speaks intimately into every precious heart and infuses all life with this consciousness.

Dearest Spirit Family,

It is Christmas eve and I am thinking of all of you and feeling so much gratitude for each and every one of you that I had to reach out and write.

Thank you for joining me, joining us at Circle of Light, heart-to-heart, as we lift this world back to Love. Thank you for your prayers, your meditations, for keeping your focus on what is truly Real. And thank you most of all for believing in Love and for your faith in God. It is knowing that we share this devotion -- that our focus is on the Real outcome -- that lets me know we are Spirit Family and that my heart is always yours.

As the light increases more and more on Earth, it is to this light that I ask you all to attune, and feeling the living River, the dancing particles of living light, let yourself remember that it is this light of which you are made. Let yourselves deeply feel the intelligence of every particle, of every electron and every atom of your being. Rather than continuing to allow the little focus of the ego mind which keeps you focused on a structure of personality, body and ego, let yourselves identify, instead, with the light of which you are made, because this is the truth of your being – that you come forth as singing light, the movement of Love. Your true nature is light, always and forever.

Circle of Light > The Return of the Feminine Christ

What is the feminine Christ? I pose this question because this is what is rising now in humanity. This is what Mary Magdalene's re-emergence now brings. It signifies an awakening of the balance, because the feminine Christ has been missing. I use the word "Christ" very deliberately for it is a message unto itself.

Circle of Light > Choosing the New World, No Matter How You Feel

You are alive in a cosmos of Love that is thrumming and humming with life force and joy and woven with the great shimmering web of inclusive unity that I Am. In this life of diamond-faceted wonder there is no such thing as isolation, despair or loneliness, for every breath is met with the Love that you share with All That Is.
Unwrapping the Gift of Our Heart

I am Jeshua, the one you know as Jesus. This year I decided to come to you myself to bring you this Christmas Message, for I want to show you how I lived my life and how easily the truth of Love is yours.

Beloved ones, as you come into this time of the year, the time when the light is clear and pure, the time when the dream is moved aside, you can stand in the light and see everywhere in the moment where the heart creates awareness of your freedom.

Circle of Light > The Light Is Increasing

The light now pours into the world in a brand new way, more powerful, more directly, with the ability to move the illusion of less than Love out of the way, so you can see the truth of God right here in your every moment, and you can grow into a wondrous expression of Love.

Beloved ones, everything in the universe is conscious. Everything is alive to Love. Everything is available to know deeply. And everything is awake within your heart.

Circle of Light > Gratitude, The Greatest Prayer - The Thanksgiving Message

It is your purpose, beloved ones, to live the truth of God I Am, the endless freedom, the magnificent abundance, the glorious and ever-present Love and the deep pulsing awareness of Creation itself within you as the force of Love’s deep expression through your Twin Flame heart. It is your purpose to express these things with all the energy of your true being into the symbols of life on Eart
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