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It is another dawn, not only of a new day but the dawning of a new awareness of life and its meaning ? a new awareness of perspective and of the luminous nature of your being. Today I open you into a great expanse of the living light and I show you that your being is Love and that this is that which you truly are. You are the living fires of Creation, fully conscious, fully Love, granted by your place at the center of the great OM, the ability to expand or contract according to the Will of Love.
As Jesus stood that day in the river, the day when John the Baptist acknowledged him, what happened then was that the living Spirit came and rent the body in two and freed his magnificent heart. It freed him to be only Love, pure God consciousness and heart with no limiting points of perception anywhere at all. In other words, even though he was here in service, he suddenly became aware that service was moving through him from the fountainhead of life from the Moment of Creation, and that the phenomena of the physical world would totally dissolve and he would not lose his place, his perception or his ability to serve, but rather he would be free to see every heart for what it is and every life and living breath as the breathing loving whole.

Circle of Light > Christed Heart Series - Heart Perception

With every breath and every heartbeat, you are attuned to the greater Love, the one Love I Am, and thus, the Love you are. In this time when you now walk this road as Christ, the most important thing for each of you is to understand and live this - that behind all symbols of phenomena of life in the human world, beneath every movement of the play, there is only Love.

Circle of Light > The Transparent Heart

When you live as a transparent heart, your heart becomes the window through which all others may see Me and may know the power and beauty of the love they are. 

Circle of Light > Life Is LoveMaking

Beloved ones, the time has come to open up this illusory world to the glorious light of living Love that is the truth that is the Real and to allow this Love to fully permeate every life, every heart, the whole atmosphere. As this is occurring, what I ask of you is to open your hearts to receive it and to open the hearts of My precious ones, cells of My living heart, Christ Spirit, that they may truly feel as you now experience – that right here is the great LoveMaking, that there is no place that it is not. It is impossible for anything to be left out of the magnificent orgasmic experience of this ongoing movement of Love.
Beloved ones, I reach for you with the coming of this New Year to make of you the living chalice, the chalice of the Twin Flame heart from which humanity shall drink -- drink the glorious waters of truth that wash free the calcified identities of humanness and make of every precious heart the free and fluid movement, the living and glorious spirit of God I Am. All of you must rise, dear ones, and open your magnificent hearts and allow Me to empty you of every bit of the limited self, the old human identity that I may truly fill you up with the living waters that are the Christ, the movement of My perfect Love through My glorious heart, the heart that is you.
Being the ecstatic presence of the heart of God, this, beloved ones, is the experience that now fully becomes your daily life, living in the eternal Now Moment, in the fullness of ecstatic joy, completely alive as My living presence. Because of this, you lift up humanity easily to the Real, and once in the Real allowing the explosion of Love in your hearts to truly dissolve any images of who you are, and free and open, allowing Me to become your full identity as well. We have spoken often of allowing the River of Life to claim you, of allowing your heart to be so open and so present that all the Love that I Am is fully embodied as you, and every life, be it the most tiny microscopic or the most glorious and expanded being – every life is to be loved by you for you are the heart of God I Am.
Beloved ones, I speak to you again about consciousness and the Christ heart, the living glorious heart of your divine, unique expression as the Twin Flame cell of the heart of God you are. For together we are awakening this whole sub-creation of life on Earth into the truth of the Real divine nature of that which all of you are, and into the recognition that everything on Earth is a reflection of your consciousness and your heart.

Circle of Light > In the Footsteps of Lazarus (Jeshua)

When you place the call, when you ask to be the truth of your Real heart's energy, you are shifted immediately out of the perception of linear time and into the reality of the heart's grand, eternal and circular energy. For the heart is the center of all things, and all hearts are joined.

Circle of Light > Transformation: The LightWorkers' Decision

Every being of light in all the heavens, every being of Love in all the worlds, every wash of starlight that is embodied, every planet pregnant with life -- all are holding their breath. Holding their breath as I call you to step forth out of your reality completely and to trust that the New World will be there to place your foot upon.

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