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Circle of Light > Shifting the Focus from What Seems to be Our Experience

Beloved ones, I Am always here, flowing through your being, kissing every cell and igniting in your heart the remembrance of this union, this communion of Love and the truth of who you are. Yes, as you allow this Love to bathe you, you recognize how truly this Light is the nourishment upon which you are Really fed.

Circle of Light > Perception Through Our Real Heart

I’ve asked you to shift to heart perception – dearest ones, – but not the perception through the little human heart that you have believed is your heart until now. Rather, heart perception through this magnificent power, this pulsing radiating center of it all that is your Real heart.

Circle of Light > Closeness with God is the Key to Releasing Duality

Closeness with God is the Key to Releasing Duality and the Illusion of Separation.


As the light of My Love fills you and fills the world, you begin to feel the Real coming to dwell here on Earth in the form of your life. Most of all, dear ones, it is this closeness with Me that at last can fill every empty place, every sense of being alone, every feeling that is less than whole and less than totally perfect.

Circle of Light > The Circle of the Living Breath Is Shared with All Life on Earth

It is ever and always in the circle of our shared breath that All I Am is known and loved, for as you breathe Me in and you accept this Love, you give Me the gift of allowing Me to give All That I Am. All that I have of Myself, I give to you.

Circle of Light > The Most Important Message Is My Love for You and Your Love for Me

Today I come to fill you with My presence, washing through your being with the song of My Love and expanding into your vastness that you might recognize this tenderness and the power of My Love for you that is for all eternity.

Circle of Light > Being the Heart Vibration

Beloved ones, the energies of the heart, the vibration, the resonance – what you feel when your heart is fully open and unimpeded … this is a reality of Love that is consistent. While creative, it can be relied upon to attune you effortlessly and endlessly to the Reality of Love I Am and to the truth of your own being, to that which you are, your place in the hologram and dearest ones, to your purpose beyond anything that the mind can conceive. All of it is a lie. In your heart you have access through heart perception. Once accessed, it can easily be felt and experienced by all who open to this resonance.

Beloved ones, as you already know, this is a pivotal time. It is the time for your awakening to awareness of what the world is, that you might be making fully conscious choices and thus creating the world of Love for which your hearts are longing. This world is a reflection, in essence, of what stands between you and Me.

Circle of Light > Beauty – From Within into the World

Beloved ones, I say to you that the beauty that lives within you is calling you to express itself through your open and loving heart. As you do so, dear ones, I ask you to express it in its purity and its purity is in spirit, not in the expression of something like art.

Circle of Light > Love, Service, Purpose and Relationship with God

I remind you that the difficulties that each of you has been through have been for humanity, beloved ones. So is the freedom and the joy. Every drop of it must be dedicated to those precious ones, for I promise you it is in this service, in their freedom and in your closeness to Me that your Real joy, your true happiness will occur.
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