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Beloved ones, it is all right here -- here woven in you, around you, inter-penetrating everything. The truth of life. The indescribable joy, the glorious, boundless freedom, the vast golden being of light that you are. And Me. Right here. In you, with you; dancing as the ecstasy of living light right through you.

Everything you believe is you - it's Me.

Circle of Light > Facing Me Until You See Me in Everything

Beloved ones, I Am calling you to a new focus this moment, this eternal moment, that it may become the truth of your living presence, that your vision, your consciousness may be filled with Light that expands truly forever. You are wrapped in the endless harmony of the living song of Creation. The pulse beat of Love is the rhythm of your heart.

Circle of Light > God’s Intimate Availability

Beloved ones, let yourself come into the silence and know that there is nothing that you have to do, that you can simply absorb this peace and this perfection - that when it is yours, you know it belongs to everyone. So be this peace beyond all understanding and sink into the music of your heart where you hear me now as I request from you the greatest work of your lives.

Circle of Light > True Creating

Turn away, beloved ones, from the old world, from the ideas of the mind and thoughts of separation. Come into My arms that you might feel Me in the pure communion of the living Spirit. Nothing else will show you the truth.

Beloved ones, it is time to rise in Love, rather than falling in Love as you have done for so very long. To rise in Love means to allow Love to set you free, to let your heart release you from all the ways that Love has been seen by the ego.

Circle of Light > The Mind and The Heart

Beloved one(s), I Am calling you to a new focus in this moment, this eternal moment. May it become the truth of your living presence.

May your vision, your consciousness be filled with Light that expands truly forever.

Circle of Light > Conduits of Creation and Releasing Limitation

Beloved ones, as we make this turn I have much to share with you, for I wish to plant in your hearts and in your consciousness the vision of Love that you are holding now for the world, that you might feel this vibration and that you might become its truth standing here in the world as radiant hearts for God.  What I Am asking of you, creating with you, is the ability to live the truth of Love, to hold this vibration, this resonance that we have created together.... while becoming fully engaged in the exciting field of life.

Circle of Light > A Shift in Perception Brings You Into the Freedom of God

Beloved, precious heart of God, it is time for you to rise to Me, dropping the ballast that you have used to make yourself believe that you are an ordinary human. It is time to release it, to let it all go, that you might fly free.

Circle of Light > I Am Everything

Just as the waves of Love are ever moving through the cosmos, so is life ever expressing through your heart. Your heart is the essence of your essential nature. It is where the truth I Am comes forth to meet the world.

Circle of Light > Omni-Dimensional Pulsations of Love

Beloved ones, it is time to return to the pregnant stillness of a life lived through the heart. It is time to taste each moment through that which tastes eternity. For when you still the mind and you come fully present, even in the realms of the senses, if your heart is open you begin to experience all the nuances of energy and all the power of Love.
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