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Circle of Light > Only Love Allows Things to Change Transforming Resistance

I cannot encourage you enough to take every step that is necessary to keep yourself shifting to the heart and to learn how to maintain it. The heart will make your world holy. All the things that the mind sees as shadows will disappear in the Light of your consciousness and be transformed in this Love. I Am present here fully in your heart and I Am your limitless consciousness that will bring you your unlimited truth, rather than the dream of duality.

Circle of Light > 2011 New Year’s Message: Your Hearts Are Now Cleared

Beloved one, the heart of humanity has been cleared. The veil of the ego that has been held before them is now burned away and you are ready to open to the Love you are, right now, this instant, if you hear the call. The call is loud and clear.

I am Jeshua, and I am a vast being of Love who in the container of my consciousness -- as I Am one with my beloved, with Mary -- holds for God the reality of the heart of Love, the heart of our Creator as it is expressed as humanity.

When you shift to your heart, beloved ones, you move instantly into the Reality of Love. Even if the little mind continues on, giving you not one pause to register what has changed, your heart knows for sure. The Reality of Love penetrates everything and finds its way between the atoms, weaves itself between every thought and fills your being with joy.

Circle of Light > Beyond Forgiveness

To experience this freedom is beyond forgiveness. It returns you to the place where there is only One -- one life, one energy and one experience that is that mystery of eternal bliss and endless joy whose pulse beat is acknowledged by your heart and sets the rhythm to entrain all Creation, to open every heart brand new to the experience of ecstasy, expanding joy and more Love, ever multiplied by your acceptance.

Circle of Light > Allow Your Heart to Move You In Everything

The reality of the heart is very different, as you know, from the reality of the little mind, the ego. How the heart reveals the world and moves forth, beloved ones, as you brings into being a brand new birth of a world of Love right where you stand and in the fullness of who you really are, as the heart of All That Is.

Beloved ones, I Am asking you to come into your heart to experience the truth, to experience who you are as the living core of Love, to experience the resonance of absolute freedom, to experience your own divine and true nature as indivisible, omni-present Love, united in the glory of this holographic existence in which it is impossible for us to be separated.

Circle of Light > There Is Nothing That You Need: Living From The Source Outward

When you come and bathe in Me, when you allow this Love to lift you up, when you turn to Me for all provision and you allow this truth that you are perfect, whole, alive and endlessly safe -- then your life begins to be lived from a new place of deep fulfillment, of overflowing gratitude for being the recipient of every glorious good and perfect thing, alive in all the cosmos, and you are bathed in Me, ever fed and filled with joy.

Circle of Light > Shifting Our Vibrational Reality

Beloved ones, it is true that I have said to you that it is time for the heart to encompass the ego, to encircle the ego with Love and to lift it into the Reality of God, so that which has believed itself separate can recognize, rather, that it is loved. Love is the answer to every distress, including all of the distress of the ego mind.

Circle of Light > We Are the Magnetic Resonance Of the Truth of God

Every stream of life can claim the richness, the breadth, the unlimited and dynamic joy, the infinite support. The movement of this Love knows itself as you becoming intimate with Me. Ever more aware of the outreach of God I Am as your conscious heart, you reorient your focus, and the world in which you live becomes the expression of this life that is overflowing with endless good. Each and every particle is alive within your being and each can be expressed through your heart to become this hologram of Love everywhere you look.

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