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All I Am is alive in each of you and yet, this deep and profound communion is the greatest shift for each of us, I as Creator and you as My heart. Through you it will be honored.

Circle of Light > Being the Whole

All That I Am is one glorious whole filled with so many unique expressions of life. Each one, each unique energy is vital to the functioning of the glorious whole. Analogies can be helpful, so it is useful to consider the body and how there are so many uniquely functioning organs and parts, energy streams, pathways, connections within it.

As you open your heart and come into My presence and feel this deep communion, you can also feel this warm rich light and you can feel how it is meant to nourish you. Let yourselves be bathed in this light that feeds you, bringing to you everything that you could ever need or want.

My beloved brothers and sisters:

We are in a powerful moment of transformation. Many of you are feeling this in your daily lives on Earth. The following is given in deepest Love to support you on your path.

You are experiencing the awakening of Love in a new way, in the center of All That I Am. This communion that we share, beloved ones, is easy. It is your little mind, your ego that wants it to be difficult. It wants to convince you that it takes effort to make this communion appear and even more effort to make it the center of your life.

In the center of this universe is communion with Me, that nourishment come from this Love that is intimate and universal. This Love is ever and always encompassing, inclusive and always upholding the perfection of Love I Am.

Circle of Light > The Power of Your Focus: Becoming the Seamless Whole of God

Where your focus is, is where your heart is at work. Where your focus is, is your choice of your venue, your canvas. Where your focus is will determine not only your experience but most importantly, will determine your vibration…

Circle of Light > It's Time to Claim the Truth (Part 2)

Beloved ones, you are pure Love. You are the mystery and the glory of My heart. You are powerful and beautiful. You are the center of the universe. Everything I Am, you are.

Beloved ones, each of you, I shall come to you in all the moments of your life that your days be filled with these communions -- a conversation with no beginning and with no end. Every time you open to Me, you make the Real connection and you shift your point of focus to the very highest of vibrations.

Every moment you have the choice whether to live in this glorious communion or to live in the world of the ego mind. Very often it seems enticing to just let your guard down a little bit and float along with the ego’s agenda for a while. But the truth is there is not time for this. Everything is critical.

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