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Circle of Light > Real Surrender

Today I speak to you about surrender but this time, beloved ones, it is a surrender that is far different from the surrender you have experienced before. Until now surrender has meant the surrender of the personal will into the Will of God. Now I call you to an expansion of Love – a surrender into the All-ness, the Real, that completely transcends the person, and you become only Love living here. So I ask you to release it all, especially the ego mind -- to lift until you truly feel the expansion of your being-ness, and our communion becomes so complete that you only move when this Love moves you, and only this Love I Am speaks as you. All that you are is an open and waiting heart, ready every moment for the living spirit to fill and to respond in each Now Moment in the perfection of Love -- to respond as only Love can respond, only you as God. Only you as My open heart that allows Love to give itself as you. Only you as the conduit for Love on Earth.

Circle of Light > The Whole of Love Restores Every Part

When you are in the Real in your heart in the truth of the All, the workings of Love can be trusted, no matter what they are. I promise you that I always have more good waiting for you than your little mind or ego could ever imagine.

Circle of Light > Making the Choice to be No Longer Against Anything

It is time to come Home to this Light every moment, with every breath to take it in -- with every Now to be this Love, bathing in this living River of the Light of God I Am.

Circle of Light > There Is Nothing That You Need: Living From The Source Outward

When you come and bathe in Me, when you allow this Love to lift you up, when you turn to Me for all provision and you allow this truth that you are perfect, whole, alive and endlessly safe -- then your life begins to be lived from a new place of deep fulfillment, of overflowing gratitude for being the recipient of every glorious good and perfect thing, alive in all the cosmos, and you are bathed in Me, ever fed and filled with joy.

Circle of Light > The Fire in Your Hearts

Beloved ones, each of you has a flame within your heart that burns for the truth, that recognizes the Light of God, that points always to what is Real, what is true. It gives you the passion and the power to see this through, to be this burning Light, to be the Light that shines right here and now. This burning flame is the truth of your being and the power of your devotion. It is the flame that leaps in joy when it finds itself reflected in another heart. It is the flame that burns in its outreach to other hearts of Love.

Circle of Light > Living in Grace as the Heart of God

As all the veils of separation fall away, you are washed in the living Love that is My presence. It will show you every moment who you are. The time of separation is ending.

Circle of Light > Being the Whole

All That I Am is one glorious whole filled with so many unique expressions of life. Each one, each unique energy is vital to the functioning of the glorious whole. Analogies can be helpful, so it is useful to consider the body and how there are so many uniquely functioning organs and parts, energy streams, pathways, connections within it.

Circle of Light > Dissolving, Releasing Individuated Consciousness

Beloved ones, the time has come for a final threshold that is as necessary to you as breathing, for it is the acceptance of your reality as the full heart beat. Until this moment we have focused on the beat that is moving outward that shows you as an individuated consciousness, a functioning Twin Flame heart.

Circle of Light > A Call to Love

Love is pouring in and Love is rising up. Love is bursting forth everywhere. The occurrences in Paris are a call for more Love, for the shift of misperceptions from ideas of us and them, to the true and deep awareness that Love is all there is.

Yesterday was Easter Day, and with this Easter the Christ heart of humanity awakens. A great new mandala of Light woven into the cosmos of gold and white threads of Light is now pulsing and connecting every human heart to the great divine matrix of Love.
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