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Let Me speak to you today of freedom, of rising on the wings of Love and know that I am speaking to every precious person who is focused here on Earth. In every moment that you hold Love in spite of the dream, in every such moment you truly are transformers, lifting like incense to the realms of Spirit the suffering of humanity and turning it back to Love. You see the great shift that must occur for the awakening out of the dream and just how you are creating this awareness through your consciousness and your Love. You are holding the space for humanity to step into this new consciousness. As you do, I promise you that everything that you experienced will be worth it, because your hearts are so deeply Mine, and your Love for humanity is to true that just knowing that you are holding this shift, this meeting place of dimensions will help you recognize the quality in our Circle that has brought you here together, to Love.

Circle of Light > It is Time to be Reborn in the Spirit

I Am asking you and all humanity for a new choice to stand forth as the Christ. This choice is to be reborn of the spirit and of My Love and to allow Me to be your parents as the great rays of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine that bring you this Love.
As you open up and truly become the living heart of God, there is something that you will discover that will change everything and this discovery is that the heart of God, beloved one, the heart of God only loves. Now at first this may seem no different from all the things that I have said to you, and all the ways I’ve opened you into the truth of only Love. But it is actually very different, because you have made the shift becoming the Real heart of God. Therefore, you are only loving.

Circle of Light > Real Surrender

Today I speak to you about surrender but this time, beloved ones, it is a surrender that is far different from the surrender you have experienced before. Until now surrender has meant the surrender of the personal will into the Will of God. Now I call you to an expansion of Love – a surrender into the All-ness, the Real, that completely transcends the person, and you become only Love living here. So I ask you to release it all, especially the ego mind -- to lift until you truly feel the expansion of your being-ness, and our communion becomes so complete that you only move when this Love moves you, and only this Love I Am speaks as you. All that you are is an open and waiting heart, ready every moment for the living spirit to fill and to respond in each Now Moment in the perfection of Love -- to respond as only Love can respond, only you as God. Only you as My open heart that allows Love to give itself as you. Only you as the conduit for Love on Earth.
As you find the inner stillness that opens to joy and feel your heart rising into My presence, it is this joyous Love and this sense of vast infinity of the great and glorious limitless nature of All That I Am that you must now bring forth, holding it with your consciousness, aware of our ever-present endless Love and communion and bringing it to the world. Become the bridge of transformation for absolutely everything your mind encounters in the living of your life.

Circle of Light > The Truth About Nature - God Calls Us to the Natural World

Today I want to speak with you about Nature and all the beauty that you see before you as the natural world. Nature is a perfect and sacred geometry. It is My living song of Love and Light to you.

Circle of Light > Living from the Real

We are creating a bridge, a bridge world and a new body made of light and Love’s perfection but it is only from the Real that this can be accomplished because anything else is the reversal of the flow of Love as it is throughout all Creation. You must live in that moment that is the point of all power, all revelation and all grace, that is the coming together of the masculine and feminine in the divinity and eternal purpose of the Love I Am.

Circle of Light > The Easter of the World

Like a living sunrise that brings forth a new day, this time in the world is the Easter of the human heart. So I bring to you a new perspective on the Easter story and show you it is a parable for the transformation that you are making – the transformation from the human identity into the identity as the living Christ, the conscious heart of God I Am. What I need you to know is that the time for celebrating Easter in the old way is gone and you now become the living Easter story but not in the sense that you see it as something that will happen for you. Rather, you recognize, beloved ones, that you have the choice to see yourself as the human being or to choose to be the living Christ. To see this story as an example of what is possible for you places it within the illusion of the ego mind and time, and keeps it forever in the future. “I will become as Jesus did…” When in truth it is the choice you must make in this Now Moment.
Beloved ones, let Me speak to you today about life force, about this River of Life that flows unerringly from Me that nourishes your glorious being, kisses every cell of your body and rejoices with every atom in its Twin Flame Love. When your whole being is alive in this ecstasy, there can be no room for an illusion of pain. No room for the shadow dance of a world of duality but rather, only the experience of Real Twin Flame Love. Twin Flame Love is a part of the glorious cosmos that is ever and always in union, experiencing the movement and the merging and the exploding forth that comes from the great engine of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. This occurs always in ecstasy and the living grace that is the truth of Love as My only fiat that goes forth every Now forever. It speaks intimately into every precious heart and infuses all life with this consciousness.
You are living every moment in the River of Life, and all around you is the vibration, the sweet communication of electrons of light and the song of Creation itself in which your hearts are ever soaring and singing praises for the gift of life, amazement at the awakening each moment to Twin Flame Love and the gift of being the embodiment of My heart. All of this is communication on the level of pure vibration, of the singing, dancing movement of the glorious song of Love. This communication that is expressed as light which is the language of Love’s movement is ever and always perfect in its expression and its harmony, as every part of the living whole interweaves together. Into this your hearts are waking every Now Moment.
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