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Circle of Light > Living from Within Outward - Be As Little Children

Come, beloved ones, and bathe in this Love. Let the Love that I Am wash through you and radiate forth as your heart speaking the truth of Love into the world. Let this Love wash your whole being and let it free you from the illusion that there is anything other than this unity of Love and the dance of Love's consciousness.

Circle of Light > Consciously Feed the Atoms of Your Being

Beloved ones, I Am with you. I Am singing to you through every spirit of Nature and breathing out the song of life on the wind. Every bit of it is the movement of the living River of Light and Life that is truly your spiritual food.

Circle of Light > Making the Choice to be No Longer Against Anything

It is time to come Home to this Light every moment, with every breath to take it in -- with every Now to be this Love, bathing in this living River of the Light of God I Am.

Circle of Light > What Are You Choosing?

Beloved ones, as you live the world as Christ, seeing only with your heart, then that which reflects back to you is ever and only God. If you are seeing another reflection, it is because you are choosing another thing. You are choosing to see through the ego mind and through the old world perspective. If you trust the truth I Am, then ultimately, beloved ones, you must trust it completely.

Circle of Light > Moving Beyond Words and Language

We stand upon the threshold of new forms of communication that are completely beyond your experience with language and words.

Circle of Light > Allowing At Last the Real Flow of Life

Open your hearts to Me, beloved ones, and as you feel My Love wash through you, know with all you are that you can trust Me with your happiness. You can give your life over to Me and place your heart in My hands. I promise you that I will always bring you every good thing.
As the light increases more and more on Earth, it is to this light that I ask you all to attune, and feeling the living River, the dancing particles of living light, let yourself remember that it is this light of which you are made. Let yourselves deeply feel the intelligence of every particle, of every electron and every atom of your being. Rather than continuing to allow the little focus of the ego mind which keeps you focused on a structure of personality, body and ego, let yourselves identify, instead, with the light of which you are made, because this is the truth of your being – that you come forth as singing light, the movement of Love. Your true nature is light, always and forever.

Circle of Light > Perfect Love

As you feel My touch, beloved ones, turn your beautiful hearts to Me and as you do, allow yourself to be bathed in My presence, to feel this Love penetrate, washing through your being and simply dissolving all the ego's defenses.

Circle of Light > Resistance Creates Separation

I Am calling you to step forth into a new land of wonder and to live in this wonder takes living fully immersed in Me. It means not only drinking in My Love but letting it be your very presence and the water of life, dearest one, that you swim through. Every movement is the dance sweetly and softly sensuous but not in the sense of the experiences that you could name on Earth.
Beloved ones, My precious heart, I call you now to rest in Me, to open your lives to the truth of this Love and to the ecstatic joy of giving. How I wish that I could truly show you how deeply the ego has reversed the truth of Love and in how many ways it turns everything into getting something for itself.

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