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The time in between Eclipses is often uncomfortable. The Solar Eclipse brings in a rush of new energy. We can feel limitless with the dreams, ideas, goals and expansion calling us.

Dana Mrkich > Bye Bye Masculine on Steroids

Lately, a lot of us have been feeling a strong re-emergence of the Divine Feminine both within us and around us.

Here is an excerpt from a really beautiful session I recently did that many of you may resonate with...

WE ARE LIVING in a world where we seem to be living a global rendition of The Emperor’s New Clothes. This story is about a town whose people were all duped by rascal tailors just because they were afraid to look foolish, when the truth was staring them in the face. The people were told that only those who were wise and intelligent could see the emperor’s fine new robes. The mischievous tailors had announced that the clothes would remain invisible to the stupid and ignorant.

I love it when things happen in life to remind you that everything is energy, everything has a perfect right timing, and everything has a reason.

What happens when Mercury prepares to go retrograde in a day's time?

In the days leading up to Christmas this year, more of us are feeling over the pressure to go somewhere/buy something/be someone that we don't really feel like going to/buying/being. So there is this sense of 'something's got to give' between what you really want to do and what you feel you are supposed to do. 

Some people don't like the idea, or don't believe, that we are subject to planetary or energetic influences. Just as the tide ebbs and flows with the phases of the moon, so too we are influenced by the movements of the planets, solar activity and non-physical energy.

A simple reminder today... You are stronger than you know. You are more powerful than you can imagine.

The Wednesday Wisdom Seeds are taking a break this week as we talk about today's New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces!

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