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Dr. Judith Orloff > Navigating the Triggers of a Dysfunctional Family

Many sensitive, caring people need to take it slowly with family get-togethers as they can often feel too much from them. There may be more noise, drinking, and loud voices than they can tolerate.

As a psychiatrist and empath, I know the challenges sensitive people have to be compassionate, empowered empaths without shouldering the suffering of others or trying to “fix” them.

Dr. Judith Orloff > The Healing Power & Magic of Affirmations

I ADORE AFFIRMATIONS because they are simple, quick, and effective ways to stay in your best self and reframe unproductive thoughts. I use them personally and recommend them to my patients.

Dr. Judith Orloff > I Am Not “Too Sensitive”

Many of us have received messages from parents, teachers, friends, or the media that being sensitive is a fault or weakness. It’s important to gently re-evaluate old ideas about yourself such as “I’m too sensitive,”

Dr. Judith Orloff > Empaths, Compassion & Mirror Neurons

Research has shown that our brain has a specialized group of cells called mirror neurons, which is responsible for empathy and compassion. Studies suggest that empaths have a hyperactive mirror neuron system which places them high on the empathy scale.

Dr. Judith Orloff > The Gifts of Being an Empath

The empath’s journey is the adventure of a lifetime. Sensitive people have much to be grateful for. You are able to experience exquisite passion and joy. You can perceive the big picture on a deep level.

As a psychiatrist and an empath, I am fascinated by how the phenomenon of empathy works. I feel passionately that empathy is the medicine the world needs right now.

Many sensitive children do not feel seen by their parents, teachers, or family. Their sensitivities are treated more like aberrations from the norm than precious and unique abilities.

Forgiveness is a state of grace, nothing you can force or pretend. I guide patients toward the large-heartedness to forgive both injuries others have caused and those they’ve self-inflicted. Forgiveness penetrates the impenetrable...

Dr. Judith Orloff > The Toxicity of Noise

Empaths are often sound sensitive and have a lower tolerance for noise. It’s important that we empaths honor our sound sensitivity and do our best to create an environment that is quiet and peaceful.


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