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Neale Donald Walsch
I want you to do an exercise with me today. A mental exercise. I want you to imagine that you are Mark Foley. Or, at least, your version of Mark Foley. I want you to imagine that your deepest, darkest secret, the thing you are most ashamed of, has just been revealed to all the world on television and in newspapers everywhere. What would that secret be? What is the most shameful thing you have ever done? I want you to imagine that you have been exposed, that your secret and your shame have been uncovered, and that there is not a place in the world, not one place on the entire planet, where you can get away from it. Think about it now. No, really think about it. What IS the most shameful thing you have ever done? Have you ever done anything shameful?
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2168 Forgive Yourself

 God said: Throw regrets out the window. They are time-wasters. They are energy-wasters. They are heart-wasters. Regret regrets, and don’t have them. Why fill up your mind with them? You don’t have to praise everything you have said or done, but you must let all the past go, all the details of it, all the scenes, all of it, go. Let your thoughts go. No longer hold on to past regrets. You keep rotating them, or seeing them in an infinite mirror, replaying them and replaying them, louder, softer, on and on.
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2167 Deep in Eternity

 God said: You hurry along in life as if it were a race. There is no race. There is just life. You have wanted to be ahead of it. You get out of breath, you pant at breakneck speed. Life in the world waits for you. It will carry you forward. Life has its own pace. You can’t get ahead of it. You can’t predict it. You can’t stop or start it. It has its own momentum. You are not hapless nor helpless in life, and yet life is not always yours to command. You can beg life, you can whip it, but life has a mind of its own. You ride the horse you are on, beloveds. You have your ideas of what life should be, and life doesn’t always listen. You simply don’t want to make too much of life as you live it in the world. You don’t want to make scenes. Embrace life instead, no matter what coat it wears on a particular day.
Yael and Doug Powell
Beloved ones, I Am lifting you into the true experience of grace, the experience of the living joy and the Love That I Am, opening the door to you to the experience of your heart as the doorway to the rich exuberance, the ecstatic joy of All That I Am, and thus, all that you are as well.  I come to bring you closer into the experience of this abundance of life and to show you that it is your alignment with joy, your opening to the experience of ecstasy and your complete dedication to Love that is the answer to your every prayer.
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2166 Translating God

 God said: In life you are translating Me all the time. When you ask yourself, “What shall I do? How do I know what is the best thing to do?” you are asking: “What is it that God would choose? What does God want me to do? How do I make the right choice? What do I do that is nearer to Truth?” You have much leeway because I leave choices to you. Free will is yours to use. You guess as best you can. “Should I marry this man or that? Should I take this job or that? Should I drive my car this route or that? How shall I answer this email, what do I say?” You have to guess a lot, beloveds. You have to approximate. You can wrestle with a question forever. At some point, you have to decide. You decide as best you can. You follow your heart as much as you can. Certain or uncertain, decisions are for you to make. Others can advise you, but you are the one who has to make your own decisions. They were given to you.
Karen Bishop
Greetings!     While September had several cosmic events that supported a move forward, as mentioned in the last energy alert, October will be the month of cementing them in. When energy shifts and movements occur, they are simply opportunities of support and guidance. and again, in this way, we can choose to take them or not. And many times we may not even be in a space to move with them. Each and every one of us is unique and different, while at the same time we are as one. Our spiritual evolutionary process involves on-going supports in the form of energy shifts. We can take the current ride, or simply wait for the next opportunity. We may not all be ready at the same time, therefore some of us are in one place while others may be in another. If we choose to wait, the nudges will increase in frequency until we are ready and more of a match for them. But eventually, even though some of us are here while others are there, we will all end up in the same space.
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2165 Be in Love

 God said: Much of the time in life, you sputter. You go back and forth in activity as though it were a loom. Sometimes you dart here and there so as not to think or not to do that which is before you to do. You spin your wheels, beloved. You already know that. That is all right. Just acknowledge that is what you are doing, that you are getting caught up in something that is not significant, just occupying yourself with it. It is true that you do have to be occupied with something while you are on Earth. You are never really doing nothing. Even when you are sitting still, you have thoughts going around. Even when you are sitting still, you are contemplating getting up! You play well the game called Activity.
Carrie Hart

Quado > You are the sapphire

Today, I would like you to think of yourself as a gem uncovered in the earth.  At first you appear to be just a formless rock.  There are only a few places where your glory can shine out and be seen.  But you are still what you are, a gem, a treasure, a stone of great value. And as you live your life, you remove this covering of stone and begin to shine out.  As you go on further in life, you start to carve facets and glow out with your talents, your skills, your wisdom, all the things you have learned during this lifetime. And as you gain more experience in life, you carve ever more facets, so that you become quite complex and also quite dazzling, when the light catches you just so.
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2164 Your Life

 God said: Of what shall I speak to you today? Of what expanse? Of what horizon? Of what sun in the sky? Or moon, or stars? What shape of love shall I speak to you of today? What picture shall I paint for you? And what will you paint for Me, beloveds? What crayons will you draw with today, and what will you draw? What will happiness look like today? How will it be sculptured? What music will accompany it? What silence? Where are you going today? And what will you be doing?
Carrie Hart
Today’s message is in response to a reader’s question: “You say that when we are truly aligned, we will wish for nothing, but simply accept what is.  I understand that, but sometimes it sounds passive to me.   What about having goals, and working towards them?  What about passion, and wanting to pursue certain things in life?  I understand that we cannot be attached to our passions, but I think they can be beautiful and healthy.  And it does mean that on certain levels, we still have wishes, desires and goals.” Quado’s response: When we speak of acceptance in a spiritual sense, we are speaking of acceptance of the present moment.  In the present moment, the only response must be deep understanding and acceptance, for acceptance in this sense means knowledge, means knowingness, means this and simply this:  in this moment, things are as they are.


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