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Neale Donald Walsch
There is much talk these days about enlightenment , and the path to Self-Awareness. I am sure that this is why all the data on this subject have been have been racing around my mind for many months prior to writing the present material. Now for many of the past several weeks here in the Bulletin  I have been talking about "enlargement" as the Second Major Step on the Path to Self-Awareness, and I would like to explain that by "enlargement" I mean an expanding sense of Self, a growing understanding of Who You Really Are - and of ways to experience that more consistently and more richly.
Carrie Hart

Quado > Walk your own path and let others do the same

You will sometimes meet someone you believe is a soul mate; you feel the connection on many levels, perhaps instantly.  And as you get to know each other more, you begin to feel the connection deepen and you feel that you must have an arrangement with this person that predated this lifetime. Do not assume, however, that this soul connection necessarily means that you are meant to be happily together for this lifetime.  It may be that you are meant to be friends and allies, helping each other out.  It may be that you are going to help each other in ways that even involve conflict and separation, but with an end result that is beneficial to you.  It may be that you are going to learn some lesson from each other and then go your separate ways.
Carrie Hart

Quado > You are Infinitely Creative

You are an infinitely creative person.  You have the ability to create art, music, dance and song that is the expression of your own unique self, your own unique view of lie.  You can create a business, a style, a life, your life, in beautiful and wondrous colors, shining out for all to see. Do not doubt your creative abilities.  All you need to do is let yourself open to the creative force of the universe, to the energy flows that are around you and within you, open to it and let the inspiration come.  Then combine that inspiration with skill built up through discipline and practice.  Add courage and you have a potent creative mix.
Steve Rother

Lightworker > Your Sacred Contract

From Steve: August 26th for the VirtualLight Broadcast we created a reverse crop circle.   Instead of receiving energy stamps from other dimensional beings, we sent one to them! After this exercise the group gave the following message about something they called our sacred contracts. Barbara and I get to connect with this spiritual family all over the world and I can tell you that more Lightworkers are going through MAJOR life changes than I have ever seen. This is exactly what the group is saying when they tell us that we are now being positioned to activate our sacred contracts.  If your life is in the middle of drastic change just re-member that you are not alone, and if your each out your hand. . . we will be there.    Big hugs and gentle nudges   Steve Rother Spokesman for the group  Greetings from Home
Ann Albers

My dear friends, we love you all so very much. First and foremost realize that you are so very loved. You do not have to merit God's love with holiness, happiness, or even piety, dear ones, for God's love is a constant. So very many of you put pressure on yourselves to be pleasant at all times. You try to control your feelings and although dear ones, we do certainly advise you to take responsibilty for your words and actions, we know that it is impossible to dictate your feelings, for they are messages from your soul.

Karen Bishop
Only two days since the last alert, and it's already time for a new message. So much is occurring in these monumental times!   We have finally broken though the barrier, and what an intense process it has been. The past week provided us opportunities for incredible expansion, and through this opening, we were then able to push through the final vestiges of some lower vibrating energy that has been around for eons of time.  
Carrie Hart

Quado > The day dawns in infinite possibility

Today dawns in such beauty and wonder, fresh and new.  Let your heart be light, let your mind be clear, let your center be deeply connected and at peace on this beautiful morning.  Allow the morning dew to wash you clean of yesterday and its burdens and worries.  Allow the morning breeze to blow away any regrets from yesterday, from the past week, month and year. Everything that you have done has brought you here, where you stand now.  And right here is the ultimate place of action, of power.  This moment right now, holds infinite possibility.  All around you are infinite opportunities, sparkling, shining, catching the first rays of sunlight.  Ah, what a blessing it is, that that the night gives us this chance to clear away and start afresh with each morning.  Carry nothing over but gladness and joy.  Carry nothing over but love and light.  Be one with the new, the open, the possible.
Carrie Hart

Quado > Grant yourself freedom of belief

Today, I would invite you to grant yourself freedom.  Grant yourself freedom from what you have been taught by society, your family and your friends, by your schools and your churches.  Grant yourself freedom even from those beliefs you have formed yourself, based on what you have experienced along the way.  Allow yourself total freedom to discard any beliefs that have become limiting to you, any ways in which you feel you cannot openly and freely expand and evolve, because of something you have accepted as truth. You have the power to believe whatever it is you wish to believe.  I would ask  only that you base your belief in love, instead of fear, in light, instead of in darkness, and that it glow brightly within your mind and your heart as a beacon that shows you the way to a peaceful, loving and fulfilling life.
Karen Bishop
Steve Irwin's passing is still sending reverberating energy around the globe, and he could not have departed at a more perfect time, as you will see through this latest message. I don't believe I have recovered yet myself…I still feel such a great loss. And the eclipses are contributing to this New space we are in as well; so you see, all is aligning and unfolding perfectly.
Carrie Hart

Quado > Focus on the most important thing

Today would be a wonderful day to rid yourself of anxiety by focusing your energy and attention on the most important thing you need to accomplish, rising to its challenges and then moving on. And so, let us take a moment to breathe and relax.  Just take a deep breath and let the air fill you.  Now become aware of the bright ball of light that is hovering over you.  This is your higher self and within this bright ball of light, you know everything there is to know.  You have all of your energy in full force and all of the knowledge necessary to perform the tasks the day demands of you.  It is all there.


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