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Karen Bishop
Greetings! It's about whatever is inside of us.....that pretty much sums it up.....
Gloria Wendroff

What gift will you give to Me today? That is the same as to say: What gift will you give yourself today?

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2638 As Wonderful as You Are

You are the furthest thing from one who would murder, and yet, at one time or another you have had murder in your heart. Confess now! You too have wanted someone to disappear from the face of the Earth. When you hold on to a grudge from the past and will not erase it, what are you doing but in effect decimating the one who offended you?

Rebecca Couch

Greetings on this Special Day!

We are always pleased to communicate with you and share the latest insight into what is taking place in your experience. There is a common thread, and it is this that we wish to speak to you about today. You are going through portals of energy charges to assist you in carrying greater light within yourselves.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2725 Something Missing

When you see something missing, fill it. When you see something amiss in your life, fix it.

Let Me make it clear that I am not saying you are to correct others. If that were successful, there would be nothing to correct by now.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2731 From Now On

Set your sights high. Never mind any distance between the sights you have set and what occurs. Anyone can measure fault. It takes no talent. You may be an expert at that already. Certainly, you need no practice.

Kate Spreckley

With the effects and energy of the Venus Transit, most of you are going through a shift in your awareness and consciousness. You are becoming more aware of your connection to the Great Divine as well as your connection to the Collective Consciousness.

Carrie Hart

Quado > Yes!

Look around.  Look around with new eyes. For every wall that has fallen, a passageway now exists that did not exist before.  A barrier has been removed and the open vista of life stretches out ahead.

Neale Donald Walsch
In What God Wants , we are told about "the Tool of Tools," a two-layer mechanism for dealing with life that can change everything in your personal experience overnight.   The Tool of Tools is a two-step process bringing an individual to a place of mastery. It all has to do with how a person handles her or his feelings.   What God Wants tells us that "The first level of mastery is to consciously decide how you choose to feel about a certain thing. The second level of mastery is to consciously decide how you choose to express any feeling you are having, whether you chose that feeling deliberately or not."   The point that What God Wants seeks to make, perhaps more forcefully and more explicitly than any of the other CwG books, is that feelings and emotions are two entirely different things--and that both can be controlled.
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2721 Immersed in God

What I say to one, I say to all. What I say to all, I also say to you. Whatever love I express to one, I express to all. Whatever love I express to all is expressed to you. You plural and you singular are the object of My words and My love. I keep none for Myself, and yet I give totally to Myself, for I am within you. You've heard that before.


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