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Harold W. Becker

The Love Foundation > A Presence of Love

We are forever surrounded by love.  From the rays of the sun that nurture and sustain life on our precious planet, to extending a helping hand to another in need, our existence is found within this unifying principle we know in our heart as love.

Lynette Leckie-Clark

Kuthumi School of Wisdom > Be Watchful of Your Words

My greetings to you in Light, in peace, in great Oneness of love for all.

Carrie Hart

Quado > To Handle the Winds of Change

When the winds of change blow across the land, dust may blow up before your eyes, making it difficult to find your way.  Old ways may disappear and new ways need to be found. This is the time to move into faith, into a complete belief that guidance is there for you and that love still flows endlessly. 

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #3222 Your Happiness

Happiness is not meant to be a chore. And, yet, sometimes it seems to be a weight to be happy. Sometimes happiness seems to be something you have to achieve, work at, commandeer.

Pepper Lewis
A few months ago, sandwiched in between all of the questions posed to Gaia, she put forth a question of her own.
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #3358 Let New Thinking Begin!

Let new thinking begin! If you are someone who thinks, try on new thoughts for size. What you are sure about, be less sure about. See what happens. What I am saying to you is to be amenable to growing. How do you grow when you keep to old thoughts as though they were sacrosanct?

Hillis Pugh

Hillis Pugh > Thoughtful Tuesday: Happiness

My thought for this is week is about happiness. This has been a thought swimming around in my head for a few weeks. Then it occurred to me, I have written about the topic a few times for Thank You Thursday. I went back to read the entries on the blog and below are a few lines that stood out for me I would like to share. 

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #3452 Take Off Your Disguises

If you did not ask yourself so many questions, if you did not weigh every thought and action so much, if you did not debate back and forth with yourself so much, you might even have peace. As it is, there is a tendency to disrupt yourself from peace.

Karen Bishop

Karen Bishop > The "Make Your Life Easier" Miracles

For the past few weeks, we have been experiencing what my daughter Ari calls the “make your life easier” miracles. There are so many of these small and delightful miracles abounding, it is like a waterfall of fairy dust falling on our heads!

Karen Bishop

Is anyone minding the store? Are things completely out of control? Why are some of us feeling vulnerable, fearful, lost without a rudder, with chaos abounding and perhaps wondering what in the world is going on? Has it become near impossible to put even a toe out there without having a strange and uncomfortable experience? Do we need to keep


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