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Karen Bishop
Greetings! As the energies continue to remain at a higher vibrational level, where they will stay until they go even higher, things are being affected in a variety of ways. We have been waiting for July to bring them in, they are here, and August will be even more fun. When the energy is peaking, so to speak, it creates an environment of “higher” everything. One of the most common experiences when arriving in a higher frequency is the no tolerance scenario. I have spoken of it frequently in years past, as it is most certainly a manifestation of reaching the higher realms, even though one may think that it is not particularly spiritual or a higher vibrating feeling.
Karen Bishop
Greetings! The last week of April finally brought in the turning point we have been wishing for… what a long haul it has been! But the longer the haul, the much bigger the rewards and more glorious the outcomes. A friend of mine likens it to an engine stalling; never really getting going, but certainly trying. But oh so surely the pieces are arriving in due order. And during the end of April, things really began to shift. And all in preparation for our New roles. So much loss and disconnecting, but all in preparation for a very New connecting to very New people, places, roles and supports. This last phase since January was a real doozy, but it was also so very vital for where we are headed and for where we are finally beginning to arrive.
Carrie Hart

Quado > The Glowing Wonder that is You

Today is a day to focus on your own beauty, the glowing wonder that is you.  Today, spend a moment in quiet, breathe down to a peaceful place, and then see the light that shines within you, the beautiful glowing light in your center.  Take time to contemplate this light.  See its beauty as it glows steadily and brightly in your center. This light is always there, glowing, even when you cover your gifts, even when you hide in shame or shyness or when you feel that others are keeping you from shining out.  Even so, the glow is there; the shining does not stop. You are still you, with all of your talents and abilities.  You are still you, with the unique way that you view the world, your own way of expression.  You are still you, and you are still made of love, love unending, love that is a part of the great endless flow of love that is the essential heart of being.  All of this is true, no matter what.
Carrie Hart

Quado > A Life of Peace, Love & Faith

Imagine, if you will, a life of peace, love and faith.  You do not have specific goals and plans, for you trust in the unfolding of life.  You trust that if, minute by minute, you do what your heart tells you to do, you will naturally and easily accomplish what needs to be done. You do not question and probe, wondering why this is so and when this or that will happen.  You trust in the unfolding of time, knowing that at the highest and widest there is no linear time, merely being, and so simply being as you are in this moment is the ultimate accomplishment.  To connect deeply and widely with everything that this moment contains cannot be surpassed by anything else you might do or accomplish. And yet, somehow you accomplish much.  And you accomplish it, whatever it may be, with a sense of peace inside, knowing that what you do is in full congruence with your own truth, as expressed through that quiet sense of being and knowing that lives within you.
Carrie Hart

Quado > You are the sapphire

Today, I would like you to think of yourself as a gem uncovered in the earth.  At first you appear to be just a formless rock.  There are only a few places where your glory can shine out and be seen.  But you are still what you are, a gem, a treasure, a stone of great value. And as you live your life, you remove this covering of stone and begin to shine out.  As you go on further in life, you start to carve facets and glow out with your talents, your skills, your wisdom, all the things you have learned during this lifetime. And as you gain more experience in life, you carve ever more facets, so that you become quite complex and also quite dazzling, when the light catches you just so.
Carrie Hart

Quado > Give the Gift of Yourself

Today I would like to give you a special holiday gift, the gift of a moment of peace, in the midst of your holiday preparations.  I would wish for you, right now, that you stop and take a deep breath.  Yes, a very deep breath.  Feel the muscles in your shoulders relaxing.  Feel the tension freeing around your forehead and in your jaw.  Take another deep breath and another, and with each breath release the tension which is beginning to pile up, your worries over gift-giving, your worries over money you are spending, your worries over family gatherings which have been fraught with tension in the past.
Yael and Doug Powell

Beloved one, let Me be with you in this deep and powerful communion. As you move through your daily life it is time for you to remember that nothing is separate from this Love, and every movement, every moment, everything is part of this glorious wonder.

Hillis Pugh

Let out hearts be open to the bountiful gifts we receive for we do not know when we need help. The kindness of others and ourselves is it own reward, because it is written, what we give out, we get back three fold. Let us help our fellow man and be open to giving unbiased love, be kind to your neighbor and respectful to those around you, for you may never know why they are there.

Rev. Angela Peregoff

Welcome to another glorious Tuesday all my forever beings! Did any of you notice that all of creation bowed to your awakening today?
Darn, you missed it? Again? As you arose from within the celestial blanket that soothed you during the night all the earth became excited because you were back for another day.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2167 Deep in Eternity

 God said: You hurry along in life as if it were a race. There is no race. There is just life. You have wanted to be ahead of it. You get out of breath, you pant at breakneck speed. Life in the world waits for you. It will carry you forward. Life has its own pace. You can’t get ahead of it. You can’t predict it. You can’t stop or start it. It has its own momentum. You are not hapless nor helpless in life, and yet life is not always yours to command. You can beg life, you can whip it, but life has a mind of its own. You ride the horse you are on, beloveds. You have your ideas of what life should be, and life doesn’t always listen. You simply don’t want to make too much of life as you live it in the world. You don’t want to make scenes. Embrace life instead, no matter what coat it wears on a particular day.


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