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Shelly Dressel
Nama Sika, Venia Benya.   I am the One, I am the Whole.   I greet you Beloved Family.  I welcome you to this time of community, this time of coming together as a whole.  Each one of you is unique and glorious individuals.  Each one of you brings to this group energy that light, that illumination, that energy that is purely your own.  Whether you are a part of this group at this moment as I am speaking, or whether you connect with it later on as you go back and revisit with the journey again, or perhaps for the first time, you are [reading this] after the fact.  All are a part of the group in this moment because that is the moment in which you are connecting.  I welcome you.  I enjoy this opportunity to be able to connect and blend my energies with each of yours.
Carrie Hart

Quado > Accepting Too Soon

We have spoken often of the spiritual guidance toward release and acceptance, of doing all you can and then releasing yourself so that you are not consumed with unproductive worry.  Today, ask yourself this:  have I truly done all I can?  Before you release and accept, ask once again if there is any way to affect the outcome.  There is a danger in assuming that you are done, simply because

Karen Bishop
Greetings! Feeling blah, numb, empty, disconnected, tired, discouraged or just plain weird? Not sure of where you are these days? Or perhaps you are wondering if an12ything will ever change or if all this hoopla about the New World was one big hoax we all bought into. Or maybe we should just give up and go back to all the Old ways. Well………we are actually poised to be fully in the New beginning in January. As 12:12 brought in the foundation of the higher realms and anchored it in energetically, all is ready. The 12:12 energy placed us in the New, or really totally OUT of the Old, and many are feeling this displacement.
Karen Bishop
Greetings! Turbulence, friction and colliding energy are our current planetary themes and as always, in perfect alignment with our shift into the light. The Harmonic Concordance opened a vast window and removed the veil.   Energetically, it appeared as in incredibly beautiful and spectacular unveiling into another world.   Up until now, it was as if we were admiring a glorious sunset from afar.   We saw the new energies, and welcomed them.   We were dilated to 10 and thrilled to see the new arrival.   The baby was birthed and arrived in the delivery room after much anticipation, excitement and preparation.   Now the baby is HOME .   Just as with a new family member filling our household, the energies of the New World are creating great change.   We are no longer viewing them from afar.   They have joined with us here.   Heaven and Earth have connected .
Karen Bishop
Greetings! If you have been finding yourself cleaning out closets, getting rid of anything old and outdated, replacing these old things with new items that are fresh and clean and New, leaving long standing relationships and friendships with “old” patterns from your “prior incarnation” in this current body behind and/or taking current ones to new levels, you are most certainly in the energy of the re-birth. You may also be feeling very “light” these days, as you have released so much through your transition into the higher realms. When we embody New energy it always manifests for us in different and various ways. With the advent of the critical mass and this most recent leap into the higher realms for so many, it can only be likened to a re-birth, as we are being born again into brand New, fresh, clean and shiny selves with brand New lives and realities to match.
Rev. Angela Peregoff

Attracting what you want takes the right attitude. By the right attitude, I mean you have to think positively about what you lack. I know that sounds rather odd and contradictory - how on earth do you think positively about something that's missing in your life? However, you're trying to attract what you want, not repel it.

Yael and Doug Powell

Circle of Light > Giving from the Real

Each of you must now remember who and what you really are into the height and breadth of your glorious being, in the one Now Moment. Only as each of you comes to live here in this pure, yet powerful energy, can you begin to explore all of your gifts that you are bringing to humanity. Only now when you come to know yourself and be swept up in the power of joy. As you know, you cannot do anything to truly lift the world to Love until you are no longer functioning at the level of the problem. And yet, even saying this, I must clarify, because in truth there is no problem and to label it as such is to keep it separate from Love, separate from the perfection of God that it is. The illusion of time and of this great separation was only a blink in eternity. And yet, it encompassed enough of My heart that this moment has touched upon All That Is and must be brought back into the great communion for all to be restored to the purest good.
Carrie Hart

Quado > Today is the day for faith

Today is the day for faith.  Today is the day to trust that inner feeling, even though outward circumstances may not seem aligned with it.  Today is the day to know what you know and end your doubting about whether it is true. Deep inside, in your peaceful center, you know what is real.  You know what is right.  You know the truth.  And that truth is wrapped in love and wisdom, in a deep connection with all that is.  That truth contains guidance and assistance, a very real energy that brings to you opportunities and information, the certain knowledge that you require to move forward on your path. And yet, you question it.  And yet, when you face challenges, you often wonder if you were right, if this truth that spoke to you was real.
Karen Bishop
Greetings!     The cosmic events of March, along with other supporting energies, have now propelled us into very new spaces indeed. This immense movement that has just taken place can manifest as follows: A loss of a sense of place, which is very typical of the ascension process. Usually, the “no sense of place” feeling comes in regular intervals, as we are moved out of one energetic spot and into another. This time, we have literally moved into one totally new role for ourselves, and it can bring great feelings of confusion indeed.
Sarah Varcas

Towards the latter half of today (GMT) we have a number of shifts in the heavens: the Sun enters Gemini, the Moon enters Libra and, of course, the Uranus square to Pluto becomes exact for the third time.


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