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Carrie Hart

Quado > The Rose Bud Yet to Open

It is so important to find the right relationship between current and future.  For if you are too focused on the future, you will miss out on the joys and wonders of today, as well as the unexpected opportunities that will lead you, perhaps in a roundabout way, to what you are hoping for in the future.  You know that happiness and joy are in the moment, but you are concerned that if you live only now, focused here and completely here, without goals and an action plan that map out your future, that you will not build the foundation for a life of security and safety that you wish to have, where you are amply providing for yourself and your loved ones, protected from the storms of life that come. And yet, if your focus on the future is built on fear, then you carry that fear into your decisions and choices in this moment.  And fear is not your friend or a good advisor, for fear knows only the past.
Carrie Hart

Quado > Let it Be

Today, I invite you to be one with the beauty that surrounds you.  I invite you to quiet your mind, take a deep breath and set all of your troubles aside.

Gloria Wendroff

God said:

Joy to the world. The King has come.

Do you know by now that you -- every single one of you -- are the kings of life, and that you have been sent to Earth to make the beloved Planet Earth holy? You have come to add blessings and to take away woe. That is your instruction book. And if you do nothing but add blessings, you will have taken away woe.

Yael and Doug Powell

Circle of Light > Looking Inward Always

In this dawn of your new life I come to lift you every moment into your true awareness of your Real consciousness, your Christ heart, your true self as Spirit, and I come now to reorient you that your life is lived, beloved one, each of you, from the living Spirit and that the realms of Love now become your one and only Home. So deep within you, you find the longing of your Real heart to be one life undivided, living each Now in joy, and awareness springs from the fountain of eternal life said to you, ?You must be divided no more.? Every level of your being now says ?Yes,? beloved one, and this, as you must know, is a crossroads of great magnitude. For the journey in this world is the belief in separation, and a belief in many levels and areas of the self. But your heart now cries for its home, its unity, its remembrance every moment of the Love that you are.
Carrie Hart

Quado > Money

Quado’s Message: Today, we continue our Course in Creation.  As we discussed last week, you should be continuing to work the early lessons, creating your own space in life, setting up your spiritual disciplines and following them through, gaining control over your mind through meditation and beginning to create a positive, fulfilling and joyous life.  And what we will be doing now for some time is addressing individual topics that are issues for many people as they walk their path of spiritual transformation and evolution. And today’s topic is money, a difficult and confusing issue for many.
Cheryl Richardson

Yesterday I participated in a fundraising golf tournament with my mom and dad, some of my brothers and sisters, and my husband, Michael. It was a beautiful, late summer day with bright sunshine, a gentle breeze, and plenty of excited players. Although I'm not a golfer, I too, was excited to spend the day outside in nature with my family. That said, I wasn't excited to golf.

Lee Carroll

Kryon > 2006

This channelling has been "re-channelled" (channel on top of a channel) by Kryon to enhance the meaning of the words that were given live on March 31, 2006 at the United Nations. The information that has been added is subtle and is intended to make it easier for readers to understand the message, which was more clear to the listeners of the live channelling.

Carrie Hart

Quado > Act out of love for yourself and this day

Today dawns in its own greatness.  You stand perfect within it, exactly as you should be.  And it blooms and opens around you, exactly as it is and should be. And now, establish a new relationship with this day and each as it unfolds.  Open up the crown of your head and open to the golden flowing energy which is pouring down into you, full of love, full of promise.  Golden and flowing, open and glorious, full of love, made of love, only love.  Love and light and energy, all tied to you and your relationship to all that is.
Carrie Hart

Quado > End the Struggle

I feel so many of you struggling.  You feel like a fly caught within the spider’s web, and the more you struggle, the more deeply entangled you become.  And then, you begin to define yourself by the struggle. I have a weight problem, you say.  I try so hard but I continue to gain.  I can’t handle money.  I try so hard, but abundance eludes me.  No matter what I try, no matter how I struggle, my addictions and habits entangle me.  Why?  Why is it so difficult for me? And on and on goes the busy mind, struggling harder and pulling the spider’s web more and more close, until you are encircled and bound like a helpless fly.  And so what is to be done to release you?
Karen Bishop
Greetings!     We are still in the most awesome of times. We are now residing in a most incredible energy that allows for special connections, miracles to occur, and the realization of our every dreams….. the dreams that we have held dear for our entire lives. It is time for our purposes to finally begin manifesting. The road is now perfectly clear. There will never again be any resistance, roadblocks, or denser and darker energies prohibiting us from creating what we came to create. And in this way, the very new planet Earth is just around the corner……at last. And as always, we are going through the steps necessary to support us in getting where we have always known we would be going. Mercury turns retrograde on the 13 th , but these planetary influences can usually be felt during times before and after the actual dates.


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