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It is time to ‘Open the gate’ to all experiences you keep yourself separated from, in thoughts, in deeds, in longings, and heart’s desires.  Open the gate that keeps you from a future that is sweet and plentiful.

Everything is changing and upgrading. Life is getting messy and pushy and demanding. It is demanding that you pay attention, that you listen. Like an old nanny, the universe is tweaking your ear...

First off folks, the lesson of this autumn is to remember you cannot fix anybody unless they want to be (or not to be) fixed! The definition of ‘crazy’ is doing the same thing over and over again with the same results.

As the vibrations of Mercury wraps itself around us we once again journey to the land of ‘nots’. In this land of many knots (nots) you are asked to look at what still binds you in body, heart, and soul.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan > Time Gates 2023

We all herald from the Stars beyond the stars, we all live beyond the place of stellar understanding. We all hold keys to Time Gates that are given issuance to open in every cell of the living universe.

As the rays from Sirius arc onto earth via the sun pre-dawn the Sirian Christ-seeds within each of us will be sent into a new quantum pattern. These Christ seeds are DNA encoding...

One of the many gifts of this summer is the ability to glimpse into the possibility of what is to come.  The true pure essence of want and desire is as powerful as a star being birthed.

As mankind changes his awareness of what space and time is, he will release himself from the shackles of his past choices which continue to restrict life. The molecules of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...

In this month of July we come to holy intersections of time and sacred power days that have both an end and a beginning. A great stellar pulse comes forth from Sirius thru our daystar straight into the heart of all mankind.

This hot month of July offers us an opportunity to see with the eyes of new sacred geometries, thru a thousand different perspectives. We are asked to look thru all levels and dimensions of emotions...


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