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A State of Grace is your natural state of being.  It is what you naturally are without all the instrumentals and the dialogues of being too human.  The State of Grace is what you were before you came to Earth.  It is the point of reference in-between each incarnation.  It is a place of relaxing into your light.  It is a natural rhyt

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan > Taking a Zen Stance

Welcome, dear ones.  It may not seem appropriate that my presence comes on such a vast day but I am White Buffalo Calf Woman and I come to welcome you to this portal of creation that you have entered in to.  The higher echelons of light that you represent have not walked upon the Earth in such vast humanness.  In the past when your

Each of you is coming to a fork in the road inside of yourself, regarding Choice. 

The word CHOICE is a #7 vibration. Seven works for the light, by the light and with the light. Sevens eat drink think and speak the light. Sevens are not allowed to stray outside the boundaries of light for more than a fleeting thought. Seven brings you home the place where miracles are an every minute event, where you can fly and dance in the stars while in any and all forms.

8/08 Channeling – Florida: Pleiadian Council of 888

Throughout the vibration of time, throughout the vibration of liberty, and throughout the pursuit of what you seek to be, you have announced to yourself over and over in many dialogues of self what you will and will not accept, what you will and will not become, and what you will and will not do. 

We are all at a Point of No Return as one that passes through the pastures of their life seeing refuse from a world of upheaval. Not looking back yearning only for what the future shall bring in the hidden dialogue of destiny. We sit at this place of lest resistance as the time doors of 2008 open to experience themselves in a

As we enter the time of light and life that has been prophesied by many we are asked to relocate our original thinking about the duality and the polarity of this plane of existence. We have been stretched to opposite ends of the poles and opposite ends of ourselves as we

We are of the Sananda Council of Light. Within our Triad, there are 10 other Councils of Light including the Lords of Karma and Restructuring Councils. It is joyful to our hearts to watch you burst forth into your own laughter and into your own joy. For each of you, it is too long in the making. You try to walk so straight and

We the Pleiadians will speak to you of the upgradement of your own energy vehicles.  Each and every day you  become lighter more stellar and less human.  Each and every day the molecular structure of every cell of your body, of every organ, every droplet of blood, shifts in awareness, shifts into transformation and

The 888 event in Florida was one of the most powerful energies I have felt in a long time. In 1987 when we gathered energetically for the Harmonic convergence and 1992 when the 11:11 dovestar energy came in we felt a powerful shift that lasted for years. I would say this 888 shift is in the top 3 of all and probably #1. The info from this event has

Within the center of this magnificent 888 Quantum Christ Portal energy lives a deep Ancient Wisdom and Truth. Doorways of the past and future beckon one to enter and see through the Eye of Thoth. The pyramid power within each 888 instruction is powerful and exact. It invites one to enter and sit within the Kings chamber of self to receive teachings of time immortal. Time doors were activated.
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