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God said:

Do you begin to see how you are all ripples on the lake, and how one ripple blends into another? Who is to say where you begin and another ends? There is no beginning and no ending. One drop of the Ocean is still the Ocean.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2358 Happiness

God said: Do you want to know what happiness is? Happiness is fulfilling My Will. Remember My Will isn't duty. You are not to be dutiful. What fun is there in obligation? Obligation is like buttons on a shirt. The buttons are not the shirt. They are just the means by which you close the shirt. Obligation, like with buttons, is something you do to be done with it. Buttoning, like obligation, is not generally your joy. No, you don't fulfill My Will from any sense of obligation. Fulfilling My Will is quite different. It is more like wearing a silk shirt that fits you. You fulfill My Will because that is where your happiness lies. Not later. Not down the road. But now, beloveds, now. Where else could your happiness lie but in My Will?

Heavenletters > Heaven #2183 Powerful Thoughts

God said:

Whatever you are doing with your thoughts, you are doing with your life. Your thoughts are the inciters and enrichers of your life. Your thoughts are your advance guard, and then you follow. Your thoughts wend their way through your life. In a sense, they pursue you, at the same time as they lead you. Now is time to set your thoughts straight.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2186 Like Signs of Spring

God said: There is really nothing you have to learn about life on Earth. You have much to unlearn. You have much to unlearn because most of what you have learned is about protecting yourself. This presupposes that there is danger you must protect yourself from. And so, in order to be prepared, you have learned to be clever instead of innocent. This is understandable, yet it is not effective. I do not mean that you are to wear a hood over your eyes. It matters that you be alert. But, beloveds, be alert for signs that lead you to love. Generally, what you are looking out for, you will find. Looking out for danger makes you freeze. Looking out for difficulties almost assures that you will find them. Why have them ahead of time? Look for signs of love instead.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2182 In God’s Light

God said: You are not fallen. You are risen. Your heart has risen to Me. Whatever has befallen, you have reached Me. I would have you stand before Me, not in awe, but in My light. My light and love are synonymous. Hold your arms out wide and receive all My light. Let it seep deeply into you. You will carry it with you for the benefit of mankind, the universe and beyond. Often you feel helpless. Beloveds, no matter what, you can shine My light. Relax into My love, and you will shine My light like the Sun. Light is light whether it is from you or from Me. Ignite hearts beloved. Remember your own. Your heart is a lighted drum. It is visual and it is tonal, and it also touches. It is true. Love and light touch your heart. Your heart is touched. How powerful is My light and love, anchored in you.

God said:

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2487 In Service to God

You are beautiful, magnificent, brilliant, and still you have to shine shoes, wipe up spills, make beds. You may be the most creative person in the world, and still you have to pick up crumbs, wipe your feet, take out trash. It doesn't matter who you are nor what you do. You still have the mundane to take care of.

God said:

Good fortune is yours. Good fortune is racing on its way to you. Good fortune has your name on it. This is the premise for you to go by. Don't you feel wonderful when you think of all the good fortune that is rushing to you? Why not then, beloveds, come from that place where you feel wonderful? Why would you ever want to come from any other place?

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