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Heavenletters > Heaven #2905 The Truth of Who You Are

Being not attached to the world means not being attached to sleep, not being attached to food, not being attached to procedures. It is as if you have thought certainty is safe, and so you hold on to certainty when the fact is there is none in the relative world.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2190 Living Life

God said: Many times my children hold back on life. They are afraid of it. They withdraw from life, uncertain about really entering in. They sort of make themselves a wallflower. They’re at the dance, but aren’t dancing. They watch the dancing. They are waiting for someone to ask them to dance. They may wait for the perfect suitor, or the exact right moment, and meanwhile they lower their eyes. The thing is they are waiting. They may tell themselves they don’t want to dance for they fear they do not dance well. They are afraid of a misstep or even of tripping. They may tell themselves they just don’t like the music that is playing. They may avoid going to dances. One way or another, they hold themselves back. They hold life in reserve. They keep waiting before they will enter in.
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