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Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2296 Good Fortune

God said: Do not regret opportunity lost. Do not let any opportunity pass you by now. Grab opportunity when it comes, and you will have no regrets. The thing is: you don’t always recognize opportunity when you see it. It may look like too much trouble. Only  later you realize the opportunity you missed. It’s okay. Look at it this way: When you rue opportunity lost, it helps you to realize all the opportunity that life gives you. Consider that perhaps you simply can’t avail yourself of all that life so generously offers you. You can’t star in two movies all at once. Don’t plague yourself about opportunity missed. Better to shrug your shoulders and move on and know that opportunity is always knocking at your door. Sometimes the knock is quiet, yet still you can hear it. Beloveds, opportunity really comes from within you. It resounds within you. You call it to you.

If you feel yourself weighed down, as sometimes you do, perhaps you feel weighed down with good fortune, beloveds. Not that you can have too much good fortune, but that you are so in awe of it. To you, good fortune may seem almost like having a workman in your house. You wanted this work done . You asked this workman to come. You hoped he would

God said:

Good fortune is yours. Good fortune is racing on its way to you. Good fortune has your name on it. This is the premise for you to go by. Don't you feel wonderful when you think of all the good fortune that is rushing to you? Why not then, beloveds, come from that place where you feel wonderful? Why would you ever want to come from any other place?

Heavenletters > Heavenletter #5848 Divine Power Is Already Yours

What circumstances exactly are you waiting for before your Debut into Full Service to your Higher Self? The Spectacular Pre-Event you wait for, what is it? Thunder and Lightning? Night turning into Day?

Heavenletters > Heavenletter #5934 What Can You Not Create?

Who are you really, and where did you come from? Do you really exist, you sometimes wonder. 

Heavenletters > Heavenletter #6582 Get Your Project Said and Done

If dreams are coming true, it is time to celebrate. You, in opposition to My thinking, tend to want assurances, want to be absolutely sure this is the case. You don’t want any wooden nickels.

Heavenletters > Heavenletter #5803 The Simple Birds on Earth

The next time you are tempted to complain about something, think instead of something to mark down as a windfall to be grateful for.

Heavenletters > Heavenletter #6549 All in Good Time

It is likely that when you insist on when and how a certain miracle is to appear, you may prevent the flow of the miracle. There is something called trying too hard. Miracles grow like flowers. Flowers and miracles grow on their own.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2561 Throw Away Your Lists

Do you hesitate to leave smallness behind? Don't want to let go of those little irksome things that consume so much of your attention -- what do you want them for? Why are they precious to you?

Heavenletters > Outside the Realm of Time

God said: You must know by now that time is meaningless. Oh, yes, you rush to keep up with it, yet it is always ahead of you – or behind you. It circles around you, ready to wrangle you, to entrap you, to reduce you, to make you temporary as it is instead of eternal as you are. Time itself is a time-waster. And yet time catches you in its net and won’t let you go. You look forward, and you look backward. You are always trying to manage time. You make lists for it.
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