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Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2197 The Road to God

God said: You are meant to be a leader. If you are a follower to be, then you are to follow Me, beloveds. And let no one come between Us. We have a unique bond, and no one is to untie it nor put himself or another between Us. It is you and I. It is your own heart you are to heed. It must be so, beloved. Besides, you have had enough of following other hearts. No one is your master. Your heart is your master. Did I not give you free will? What did I give it to you for if you were supposed to not use it? I am talking about your path to Me. No one knows it but you and I, and even you don't always know. You mostly don't know, or know securely enough. Of course, love is the path. Obligation to the dictates of another is not. Obligation to a form is not. I Who AM formless do not demand form. There are no prerequisites to me.

From the fullness of My heart, you were born. From the love in My heart, you were born. Unto Me a child was born, and that child birthed from My love is you. You are My chosen child. I have no other. The zillions of you are One. I had one thought, one love, and you were formed as a vine of My love. Your ears heard the sound of angels and birdsong. You heard yourself.

Heavenletters > Heaven #2693 In My Father's House

There are no quandaries. Your mind decides there are. Your mind decides you are in a pickle. Let your mind decide rather that you are in a miracle. Whatever is going on, you are in the midst of life! To think of it, you are ordained to live life in the world and make it a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Enough of the concept of quandary.

Heavenletters > Heaven #3682 The Holy Star

Every single eve is Christmas Eve. Every single eve has the willingness and ability to be Christmas Eve. It will be Christmas Eve every evening when enough of My children desire it to be so. It is typical that on the one designated Christmas Eve, you set aside all your resentments and ill will for good will and peace to all men, and so here it is, Christmas Eve. It has been planned for. Lights have been put up and stockings filled. It is an Eve much looked forward to.

God said:

When your very foundation is shaken, how do you know that this is not a good thing? Maybe your foundation is a tree that needs shaking, and now you will have greater access to the fruit.

Heavenletters > Heaven #2691 A Thousand Balloons

Whatever you may long for, you are longing for more meaning in your life.

Whatever the name of what your longing calls you to, your real longing is for love, more love.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2576 Your Daily Bread

Beloveds, beloveds, must you let other matters overshadow your recognition of My love? My love is abundant, and yet you shunt it aside as you would a valuable piece of paper when you are looking for a bill. You shuffle the papers as if they were equally valuable. In the sense in which I speak, I extol you to have a neat desk. Have one paper on it that you look at first.

Open your eyes to a new world. You are the ones who will awaken the Earth. You may think that you bounce off the world, yet it is the world that bounces off you.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2550 In God's Presence

Yes, you are in My Presence, for there is nothing else but right now. Memory and foretelling are but little next to right now. They are thoughts without substance. They are thoughts that have wandered off.

Heavenletters > Heaven #4009 Free Will Belongs to Everyone

When you let go of resistance, life will be easier for you. You have a long list of what you welcome and a longer list of what you are sure you have to push away. Meanwhile, life comes to you heedlessly of what you think should or should not be. When what you refuse to have happen happens, then there is a crash, beloveds. What happens does not cause the crash. Your resistance causes the crash.

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