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I have a series of happy events ready to hand out to you. These what I will call events are just at the brim and will fall to you shortly. There is nothing you have to do to get ready but to get your hearts and eyes open. I am talking to everyone when I say this. I am not stockpiling all the treasures that are going to befall you. They are

You are the determiner of how you deal with life. Life may land on your lap, but what comes next is your choice. I know you have felt at the mercy of life. Sometimes you have felt that life beleaguers you, takes pot shots at you, is even out to get you.

Heavenletters > Heavenletter #5702 The Sunshine of God's Heart

Life in the world requires a balance. Life is for the living and giving, yet you do not spin your wheels. You are not looking to bow down to the world, nor is the world to bow down to you. You are free-wheeling.

Heavenletters > Heaven #3512 God Created a Wonderful World

Life in the world is not all-dependent upon the physical. Even so, keep something beautiful before you. A flower, a pot of herbs, a bamboo shoot. Let your eye fall on something that stirs beauty in your heart. A swatch of cloth in a color you like. A little painting. Keep those rays of sunshine available for your heart. It will drink in the beauty between beats.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2160 God Is an Inkwell

God said: What is Godwriting? It is sort of like going to a concert. You sit there. You hear the music. Your foot taps. You become the music. The music becomes you. You are entranced with it. It runs through your bloodstream. You capitalize on it. You get lost in the music, as it were, but, of course, you find yourself in it. When you leave the concert, the notes recede. You hear them no longer. You have gone on with ordinary life on Earth. You become preoccupied with other things. Fortunately, when it is Godwriting, you jotted down the notes in a notebook, and you can refer to them. From whence comes Godwriting? It comes from Me. I whisper in your ear. You hardly hear, and yet you do hear. You hear enough. You catch My drift. I am immortal, and yet you immortalize My words. You write them in love. All writing is love, beloveds. There is not a word pressed on paper that is not love.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2629 In Whose Employ You Are

The world says a poor man is a man without money. I would call no man poor, for each has his life before him. In terms of the world, a man who is poor has no dreams, or has no dreams he feels great passion for.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2226 Ever-Rising

God said: Life is being offered to you on a sliver platter with a golden spoon. Take delight in life. It is My offering to you. Stay tuned to life. Wherever you are, whatever is going on, you are on an adventure in life. You are exploring and discovering. When you climb Mt. Everest, there is snow and cold winds and ice to slip on. Know this; there will be warm fires again. Warm fires are the substance of life. Welcome the forerunners to warmth, for they are signs for you. In the relative world, before and after will repeat themselves. Before and after exist only in the relative world, beloveds. Deeper than experience is the awareness of that which is not relative. Bring awareness to your experience. Whatever occurs, you are hitting a home run. The ball you hit flies over the playing field and alights in your heart, alights in Heaven, and alights everywhere.

When you are angry, you are trying to control. Someone didn't do what you thought they should, and now you take affront. Who are you to take affront? Who are you to supervise your brother? Over whom exactly do you think you rule? Rule yourself, beloved.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2479 I sent you to brighten the world

Sometimes I have the impression that you think it is honorable to devaluate yourself, or dishonorable to value yourself more. I am not telling you to swagger, but I do tell you to honor yourself more. Honor your place in the world. Honor the space you occupy.

When you think about money, when you are concerned about it, you bog yourself down. Much of the time, when you think about money, you are bemoaning the lack of it. Innocently, you put yourself back into the need mode. When do you feel you have enough money, beloveds?

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