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Heavenletters > Begin #2271 Wow,God

God said: Say Good morning to Me. Say, “Good morning, God.” Is that not a great way to begin your day? Anyone can do it. No matter where you are, you can say, “Good morning, God.” And if for any reason, you cannot speak, you can still think, “Good morning, God.” And I will hear. It is not that I need to hear. It is you who needs to say Good Morning to Me. It is you who needs to hear yourself acknowledge My Presence and acknowledge it in your life. I am inevitably with you. I know that. It is you who may not quite know or believe or accept or even really imagine that I am with each and every one of you, and yet it is so.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2168 Forgive Yourself

 God said: Throw regrets out the window. They are time-wasters. They are energy-wasters. They are heart-wasters. Regret regrets, and don’t have them. Why fill up your mind with them? You don’t have to praise everything you have said or done, but you must let all the past go, all the details of it, all the scenes, all of it, go. Let your thoughts go. No longer hold on to past regrets. You keep rotating them, or seeing them in an infinite mirror, replaying them and replaying them, louder, softer, on and on.
God Said: When you know I created the world for you and have given it to you as a gift, which is better, to be displeased or to be grateful? Would you say to Me, “Oh, God, couldn’t You make a better world?” Or would you say, “Thank You, dear God. Thank You.” Would you constrict your heart, or would you open it? When someone cooks a meal for you, do you push your chair back and throw your fork down and say, “This isn’t what I wanted. I wanted mashed potatoes, not baked. Besides, the zucchini is overcooked.” Good manners would suggest that you say, “Thanks for the meal.” Good manners are common sense, beloved. It is common sense to point out what you like about a meal. It is good manners and common sense because appreciation works, and displeasure does not. Be a lady or a gentleman in the tropics of the world.
God said: Yes, I created you. From love, you were birthed. And so now, beloveds, I Who am the Creator, I also come into existence through you. I exist no matter what, and yet you bring Me to life. You are the life of Me. It is as if your fingers type Me into existence. I walk the Earth, beloveds, and you make pictures of Me. Your life and My existence are inseparable. I say you create Me because I, Who exist eternally, and I, Who exist in your heart -- I also exist in the perimeters of your mind. Your mind says I exist, or your mind may say I do not. Your mind is like a junction point or a toll booth that admits or does not admit Me. Of course, I walk right through all gates regardless, and yet how I love your recognition. Just like you, I like to be recognized. I like to walk on Earth and have the throngs strew rose petals, throw kisses, live their lives with joy.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2191 Be a Thanksgiver

God said: Whatever occurs, you swim in this pond of life. You have this opportunity to experience life. This is an amazing thing. What a gift you have been given. Thank God you have life. If life has you in a whirl, thank God you can experience what it is to be a-twirl in life. And if you are penned in a corner, thank God you can experience what it is to be penned in a corner. You are experiencing life, beloveds. The whole carpet of life has been rolled out for you. Walk on it. Don’t be timid. This is life. Consider life a block of ice that you chip at. Consider life a many-layered cake made of many flavors and colors. Lick your plate clean. Consider life pick-up sticks. Consider life a skein of yarn for you to disentangle. No explanations are needed. As you disentangle a ball of yarn, you disentangle a ball of your life on Earth.. You don’t have to know how you are going to do it. You just do it.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2279 Shine

God said: There really isn’t much to do in life, beloveds, except to share your light with others. Wherever you happen to be, that’s what you are there for, simply to be there and to radiate. Whether it is at work or at play, your project is the same. You may have other goals in mind, and you may well get caught up in them, but what you are really there for is to swish around your God-given light. You are a 360-deqree light. You may prefer to be where there is already bright light radiating. You may prefer to stay out of the darker places, but, beloveds, the fact is that you are needed where you happen to be at any one moment. Even in the streets, you are needed. Even in back-alleys, you are needed. There is nowhere that you are not needed, either for dire need or for embellishment.

Heavenletters > Heavenletter #6302 Tap-Dance Your Way Through Life

Beloved Sojourner on Earth, do you feel something is missing in your day to day life, or perhaps something is blocked? You might desire a pause from life. You do not know exactly what happened or didn’t happen to you.

You are the determiner of how you deal with life. Life may land on your lap, but what comes next is your choice. I know you have felt at the mercy of life. Sometimes you have felt that life beleaguers you, takes pot shots at you, is even out to get you.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2212 Free Choice for All

God said: Be content with yourself. It is enough that I know who you are. I will work My way through you no matter how entangled you may think you are. I will wend My way through everyone. No one on Earth, no matter how angelic and evolved, has to take it upon himself to educate you nor show you a path. I am well capable. Leave these things to Me. There is a Greater Power, beloved, and that Greater Power is not dependent upon any beliefs you may have. It is not dependent on you or anyone. It is dependent on Me. All are equal in My eyes. No one needs to take over My place. Make room for Me. Have trust in Me. Truly, you serve Me, but My service is not dependent on you nor your assistance. Leave a sense of responsibility for others to Me. You are not one who saves souls. That’s my job. No souls are lost in the first place, so none need to be saved.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2303 A Simple Life

God said:  A simple life is a life lived from the heart. The heart is full to the brim, and yet, with a full heart, there is always room for more. A simple heart is an open heart. It is uncluttered. It is not distracted. There is nothing to distract it. A simple life does not consume goods. It gives goodness instead. It gives Godlight. A Human Being who lives a simple life does not shop so much. He takes care of what he has and has joy from it. The simple heart is always free to not have what it treasures because it knows that the freedom and ability to let go are greater treasure. A simple life is fluid, never looks back, and therefore is never turned into salt. As you live a simple life, you are like a cow who grazes. And so you graze in life. The grass is green wherever you graze.
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