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God said: Yes, I created you. From love, you were birthed. And so now, beloveds, I Who am the Creator, I also come into existence through you. I exist no matter what, and yet you bring Me to life. You are the life of Me. It is as if your fingers type Me into existence. I walk the Earth, beloveds, and you make pictures of Me. Your life and My existence are inseparable. I say you create Me because I, Who exist eternally, and I, Who exist in your heart -- I also exist in the perimeters of your mind. Your mind says I exist, or your mind may say I do not. Your mind is like a junction point or a toll booth that admits or does not admit Me. Of course, I walk right through all gates regardless, and yet how I love your recognition. Just like you, I like to be recognized. I like to walk on Earth and have the throngs strew rose petals, throw kisses, live their lives with joy.

Dearest Spirit Family,

It is Christmas eve and I am thinking of all of you and feeling so much gratitude for each and every one of you that I had to reach out and write.

Thank you for joining me, joining us at Circle of Light, heart-to-heart, as we lift this world back to Love. Thank you for your prayers, your meditations, for keeping your focus on what is truly Real. And thank you most of all for believing in Love and for your faith in God. It is knowing that we share this devotion -- that our focus is on the Real outcome -- that lets me know we are Spirit Family and that my heart is always yours.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2190 In All Kindness

God said: To be kind without showing you are being kind is a great skill. The way to perfect it is to always be kind. Then no one will feel singled out. Everyone wants kindness, yet no one wants to feel pitied or condescended to. So you must be kind without being conciliatory. It is not that you are being kind to someone. It is that you are always kind. Invariably kind. In every situation you are kind. What a lovely Being you are. And what is kindness but understanding? The person across from you has had troubles you don't know about. You don't have to know what their troubles were or are. In every instance, truly, what is there for you to do in life but to be kind? Certainly, there is room for more kindness.
You are living every moment in the River of Life, and all around you is the vibration, the sweet communication of electrons of light and the song of Creation itself in which your hearts are ever soaring and singing praises for the gift of life, amazement at the awakening each moment to Twin Flame Love and the gift of being the embodiment of My heart. All of this is communication on the level of pure vibration, of the singing, dancing movement of the glorious song of Love. This communication that is expressed as light which is the language of Love’s movement is ever and always perfect in its expression and its harmony, as every part of the living whole interweaves together. Into this your hearts are waking every Now Moment.
God said: When I say to you to take nothing personally, I mean to take nothing personally. This applies even when something may have been intended for you personally, but much of the time an offense is not meant for you personally, For instance, when rain falls on you, it falls on you, and yet you know better than to take rain personally. Rain fell on you, but you already know that the rain wasn't out to get you, When you take anything personally, you feel singled out and often aggrieved. Don't feel aggrieved, beloveds. There's no merit in it. When someone's words or actions are uncalled for, do not think that a ready-made response from you is called for.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2323 The King of Life

God said: Ultimately, what you learn in life is to trust yourself more. Even in terms of the relative, you are far wiser and sincere than you give yourself credit for. You have love and wisdom beyond your years. You have it inborn. You are far more than you or anyone thinks. Come into that realization. The world may not have recognized you, and so you must recognize yourself. What a beautiful wise and wonderful Being you are. Say it, beloveds. Say: “I am a beautiful, wise and wonderful Being.” Say: “I am learning more about myself every day. I keep rising in my estimation. I begin to see what God hath wrought when He made me. He did not create potential. He gave me my potential realized. It is all here. Everything I want is here right now. Everything I want to be is here within me right now. What is realized is not potential. God gave me much more than potential.
Sometimes it is worthy to keep your opinions to yourself. Often it is. In order to do this, you have to not take other people’s opinions so to heart. You don’t want to be dismayed by them. Different opinions are not meant to cause a duel of words. Different opinions are only different opinions. Your opinions may change, or they may not. The other’s opinions may change, or may not.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2180 The Throne of Heaven

God said: Beloved beloveds, steal Me from Heaven. Secure Me in your heart. Keep Me here. Know I am deeply in your heart. You harbor Me in your heart. I, the Harborer of you, am harbored in your heart. It is My resting place. Your heart is the hammock I swing in. All is nice and easy with Me. Do you feel Me in your heart? I am not heavy. I weigh nothing. I am lighter than air. My task in your heart is to uplift you. And so you desire to uplift yourself, uplight yourself, uplight the world. Be a sojourner in Heaven as I sojourn in your heart. While you read a book of your life, you are sitting under a palm tree with Me. You turn the pages. Whatever travesty may be on a page, you are still with Me. No matter what the furor, you and I are love sitting under the palm tree. No matter what the flurry, we are as One under the palm tree.
Beloved ones, the old world is merely a point of view and the New World is a symbol for the truth of your eternal heart. Our message to the world is that Love is truly simple and that you are the living heart of God. Within you through the doorway of your gloriously perceptive heart, I Am revealed to be one with you and All That Is. The rich diversity of Love’s expression is given exuberance, substance through the power of your Love. Most of all, the message and the truth are One -- that there is no separation between us – that all that Love is, is what you are and Love is the highest and most pure celebration of life, of the truth of My presence here on Earth as you, beloved ones, for you are My expression, My heart through which I love all Creation.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2269 Inner Life

God said: Happiness in the relative world is only relative. Happiness in the world goes up and down like a boat in the ocean or a toy boat in the bathtub, dependent upon the waves. The happiness that goes beyond worldly events exists in one note alone. It sits very still, and yet it vibrates at a fast pace, too fast for the eye to see. The happiness that is within is quiet, doesn’t move, and yet it breaks all boundaries. There is no place for the happiness within to move to. It knows it is surrounded on all sides. It meets happiness on all sides. So it neither stays still nor does it move. It simply is, and it overtakes all.
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