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Beloved, when it comes to life on Earth, you have heard more than once: “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” You also will have heard: “Look before you leap.”

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2266 The Splendor of Love

God said: Ego is a symbol of your not knowing Who you are. Bereft of your true Identity, you build a false one. From your mistaken sense of isolation, you build an image of yourself that is called ego. Ego is very tremulous. The stronger-seeming, the weaker it is. It is so sensitive, it is impossible to live in joy with ego present. Ego is grasping and can never be satisfied, for it is always looking for satisfaction rather than to give it. When you know your True Identity, you can only give love instead of looking for it to be given to you. Pay more attention to losing ego than you do to losing weight. Actually, don’t pay attention to ego at all. Don’t give it the time of day. Rather let your attention float to Me. >From littleness to Greatness, you will float. You will march. Here is the secret to happiness in life, and I am giving it to you. Step over the head of ego, and you will know the Godhead.

Heavenletters > Heavenletter #6549 All in Good Time

It is likely that when you insist on when and how a certain miracle is to appear, you may prevent the flow of the miracle. There is something called trying too hard. Miracles grow like flowers. Flowers and miracles grow on their own.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2293 The End of Ego

God said: When you surrender to Me, what you surrender is your ego, beloveds, that piffling scrawny fragile ego that huffs and puffs and struts around like a gangster, ready to bump you off at the slightest occasion. He stomps on you every time. Ego advertises itself as brawn but is only bravado. Ego is big only in the sense of build-up and show, and is skilled in knocking you down big-time as well, tumbling you onto the bottom of the heap. Ego is a snake oil charmer, sells you a false deed at too high a price, and then sells you out and lets you be stung and stoned. He even has you joining in on the fun of flattening you, laying you low, making you red in the face. He inflates you only to shoot darts into you and have you crumble. Ego is a master in his own right, a master of deception.
Gloria to God: Dear God, the people at the Bucharest Godwriting™workshop were sensational. They came in pouring out love. They had already read Your book, and they loved You to begin with. They were so beautiful I don’t know what to say. It was like being in a movie, God, like Chariots of Fire, like Rocky, only better than any movie. For a little time on Earth, I knew how brilliant love could be, how there could be so much of it given and so much received, how hearts can sparkle and all the light bounce off all other hearts. God, I have had a peak experience. I understand how people want to bow down to You. My heart has been kissed by Your love given by the people in Romania who came to the Godwriting™ workshop. God: Simply enjoy the love so willingly given. Gloria: You may be sure I made the point that all applause is for You, God.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2311 In Service to God

God said: If you feel gloomy, you are thinking about yourself too much. Do not think you are an exception to this rule. No matter what is going on, no matter what upset, loss, pain, ennui you are experiencing, your reference point is off-center.  My children are not centered when they think of themselves so much. So much is overmuch. Refrain from asking yourself the question: “How do I feel today?”  It is not the question to ask yourself. Say to yourself instead: “Today I branch out in my life. How I feel is not a matter of concern. No matter how I may feel, I am here to serve. Whatever I have to grumble about, scream about, grieve over, I rise above. I am not here on Earth for myself. I am here to serve, and serve I will. As I look for opportunities to serve, I will find them. I will not ignore even one opportunity.
God said: No longer waste your energy on anger and its milder cousin, frustration. Don’t be put out by all the things you are put out by. One thing after another seems to bother you. Every new street corner you come to is different from the one before. You love wide avenues and roads with terraces in the center, yet you are not aggrieved when streets present themselves otherwise. You don’t say: “Those streets. What’s the matter with them? Why aren’t they all beautiful the way I like them to be?” But is this not what you do with people? You want them to be different from how they appear to you.

Heavenletters > Heavenletter #6446 Wake Up to Life as If It Is to Your Own Making

Beloved, you’re going along fine, when suddenly nothing seemingly goes the way you would like it to. Life is no longer your cup of tea. How can this be? You even ask yourself what could have changed but you?

God said: You have heard that you and I are One. It is hard for you to really believe. There is part of this idea that appeals to you. Wow, what an opportunity, what a promotion, to take charge of the world! Sometimes you have wanted this, to make the world in your own image. On the other hand, it is a great disappointment for you to imagine that one such as you could run the Universe! When it comes right down to it, you would rather not. You would excuse yourself. You would find an excuse, too busy, too much to do to keep your own head above water. You simply couldn?t fit it in, and you would have an appointment to run off to. ?Thanks, but no thanks, God,? you might say. In your heart of hearts, you would think: ?God has to be much greater than I. Oh, please God, be all the reverence for life that I hold you in. Be far seeing and omnipresent and Great Love. Be God. Let there be no substitute.?

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2184 Awareness of God

God said: Please remember it is just fine to enjoy the relative. Do not be conscience-stricken that you had a wonderful time or that you are fortunate and that many gifts of diverse kinds are coming your way. I want happiness in the relative world for you. It is My desire that you enjoy. Do not concern yourself whether you deserve or don’t deserve, caused or didn’t cause. Just enjoy. Certainly, think of Me often. That does not mean you have to think of Me every moment or feel guilty when you don’t. I am not a homework assignment. Have Me simply in mind.
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