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God said: Think of Me any way you like. Have Me as a kindly Grandfather far away in the Sky. Have Me fluttering in your heart. Have Me radiating from everyone and everything. I am everywhere, so where can you not find Me? Blindfolded, you can find Me, beloveds. I am easy to find. I am an unbounded God, yet you can find Me even in the most finite details. Even in the atom, I exist, and you can find Me whichever way you turn or do not turn. It would indeed take work not to find Me, to think I am not where you are. You would have to object a great deal not to find Me. However, it is not exactly finding Me. I am not exactly found, for I am never lost and never lost to you. I have imparted Myself to you. We are unpartable.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2211 Room at the Inn

God said: Hard to believe, you are Divinity in a Human form. To be alive is a divine thing. Certainly, you don’t think you are just bones and sinew? There is a quality within you that surpasses appearance, all appearance. There is a quality within you that surpasses your physical, emotional, and even your spiritual parameters. However much you surmise your spiritual strengths, there is greater yet. Those who appear uninterested in spiritual evolution may not be behind. They may be yards ahead of those who strive to reach the pinnacle of spirituality. From appearances, you cannot know. From effort, you cannot know. >From any guidelines on Earth, you cannot know.

Heavenletters > One of the Stars in the Night Sky

 God said: Something meant a lot to you yesterday, and now today you hardly think of it. Life is a stream, and the tree branch you grab on to today is a different one from yesterday. Hot is warm one day and cold is tepid the next. You are one way in one situation, and another way in another. You walk through the mall or a park. You are in a room painted gold or in a shed. Yet wherever your body happens to roam, you are still you through it all. You are not amazed that you take one bus today and another one later. You ride a train or a plane, and still you are you. And then you return home, and tomorrow is another day.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN 2194 The Song of Life

God said: Life would be easy except for the ideas you have. Really, you ask a lot of life, beloveds. You want it to be your servant, and you want it to serve instantly, even when you keep changing your mind or having no idea of what you want or what you are really asking. It is fine for you to have a thousand desires. It is desirable to have desires. Have as many desires as you want. Desires are good. Demanding their fulfillment at your whim is another story. Let your desires go out there and up into the universe. A juggler tosses balls up, and gets back what he throws. However, a juggler is limited to what he throws. You are greater than a juggler, beloveds, because you are unlimited.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2192 A New Day

God said: Every leaf on every tree is for you. Every ray of the sun is for you. Every twirl of the Earth. Every breeze. Every joy. Every occasion on Earth is occasioned for you. The display of Earth in all its colors is here for you. Every day, Earth is for you, and each and every day, rain or shine, is here for you. Each day rushes to your side, ever ready to deliver itself to you, to be picked up by you as you would pick up apples rolling to your feet. You would pick rolling apples up with alacrity. Pick up today like that. It is rushing to you, beloveds, and it cannot wait. Today is here. Be ready to tour the world with it. Set your heart to the right dial. Turn on Go.
God said: This is the springtime of your life. Whatever stage of relative life you find yourself in, this is its springtime. This is when you bloom. And why not, beloveds? Why not? This is also the summer of your life when you reap everything that has been planted, the perennials and the annuals, and the hundred-year old trees. In the summertime of your life, there is great yield. You pick the crop. There is so much flourishing, you give much of it away. There is enough zucchini for all. I bless this Earth, and I bless you. And what are autumn and winter but renewal? They are the wave as it pulls back ready to leap over the water it comes from. This is the pulling back of the bow. In reality, there is one season, and it rolls itself around. What seems interminable is always rolling around. It is a turning of the wheel. It is a millwheel, turning the waves of wheat into flour, and the water is sparkling.
God said: From the loveliness of your heart, I emerge. You are surrounded with Me, beloveds. You are merged with Me. I alone am. I am the heart of you. Take My love, ,I flood you with it. I immerse you in it. Truth be known, you drown in my love. You drink in the water of My love. This is the breath of life. Air is of no consequence when it comes to love. And yet, each physical breath you take is My breath. You breathe Me in and out, even though there is no in nor out. There is one breath. We can say that I breathe you in and out. You are My inhale and exhale. You are the beloved breath I breathe. I am your reason for Being, and you are My reason for Being. But look not for reason. Look for love. Look for its Origin. Look for its flow. Handed from one to another, My love is rampant on Earth.

Gloria Wendroff > Heavenletter #6441 Oneness is Here to Stay

Beloved, here is the true story: Oneness alone is true. Greater than Oneness isn’t the whole Truth. The Whole Truth is always simple. How many ways are there to say One? There are more ways to express what is more detailed than to express One, yet, to say One, says it all.

God said: What I tell you in your heart, you can believe. You have sometimes been quick to believe other hearts over your own. This is not because you don’t value your own heart. It is just that you are not certain when it is your heart you are listening to or an idea, perhaps misguided, or your ego dressed up as heart. If you could know for certainty it was your heart whispering and not echoes of the past or effervescent whim, then you might indeed be valiant in following it. You would like proof that it is your heart speaking. Proof can come only after the fact, beloveds. Proof is manmade. Knowing is from the heart of God. There is no proving Truth. Statistics do not apply. Truth lives in another dimension.
God said: The dividing line between happiness and sadness is a very fine line. Happiness and sadness are right next to each other, just the way Godwriting and ordinary writing are right next to each other. Side by side. There is hardly  any distance at all. That’s why they’re so easy. In both cases, you have awareness, and you lean your awareness to the left, or you lean your awareness to the right.  In each case, you favor a certain awareness. Each is a direction you take. Have an intent to go in the direction you favor. You can stand closer to happiness. You can sit with it, carry it with you like a purse.
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