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You are a part of such a family of Love that your little mind can barely touch even the hem of this garment, this great and glorious wholeness that supports you in everything and cares for you so completely that every part of your great multi-dimensional being is fulfilled, loved and made whole. All That I Am is that which you are, and everything is a living heart beat, in and out of existence, pumping Love through the whole, everything brightened in relationship and every part of Creation knows every other aspect, and greets and meets and loves, while at the same time, there is the perfect peace and silence of pure consciousness that holds every part of you in perfect stillness – that you might know yourself as the All, as pure God consciousness.
As you open up into the Real, into the shift in perception that brings deep awareness of your truth as the heart of God I Am, and you reconnect with the glorious Love that is the Love that passes through My heart each moment and My heart is you – and yet, you come, after having such an experience, back into the world and the challenges of your ego.

Circle of Light > Giving from the Real

Each of you must now remember who and what you really are into the height and breadth of your glorious being, in the one Now Moment. Only as each of you comes to live here in this pure, yet powerful energy, can you begin to explore all of your gifts that you are bringing to humanity. Only now when you come to know yourself and be swept up in the power of joy. As you know, you cannot do anything to truly lift the world to Love until you are no longer functioning at the level of the problem. And yet, even saying this, I must clarify, because in truth there is no problem and to label it as such is to keep it separate from Love, separate from the perfection of God that it is. The illusion of time and of this great separation was only a blink in eternity. And yet, it encompassed enough of My heart that this moment has touched upon All That Is and must be brought back into the great communion for all to be restored to the purest good.

Circle of Light > Becoming Present

Beloved ones, the whole world is waiting for you to free it -- not only humankind, but every life stream, every energy that is present here in the world. All of them are waiting for the freedom that you can bring through the power of your awakening in the living Now Moment, into consciousness and heart. You will find that there are many who, having understood the truth of the Now Moment – that there is no past and no future but only the present – will encourage you to become present by focusing on the physical world, being present with what you find all around you as life on Earth. But I, beloved ones, ask you to go beyond this, to recognize that the barriers to the Real have fallen. I ask you to be present with the whole Vertical axis of Creation, because all of this is available to you in this living Now Moment.
As you wake into the Real, beloved ones, you will begin to experience at last the joy of life. Everything that the ego mind has shown to you as life will be recognized as the paltry illusion that it is. As your heart soars in ecstasy, as you wake into the living whole, you will also come to know the power of your own magnificent heart. It is this power that I bring to you now, to rejoice in and to experience and to begin to gain an understanding of how your hearts can magnetize a world of illusion back to Love in a moment. So if you would, as you come to center and you open yourselves to the living Now Moment, let yourself become, beloved ones, the consciousness of your heart. This is who you Really are – the glorious pulsing heart of God, and as you make connection with the truth of it, nothing will ever be the same for you from this moment on.
As you are present here in the living Now, alive to the glorious dance of Creation, you are present to the experience of the fullness of every life. So not only are you present throughout the glorious hologram with no barriers between you and All that Is, but you are fully alive, conscious and able to perceive, through the language of vibration, the truth of each living heart. For All That I Am being holographic, every part contains the whole, and therefore every part has a heart, a center that beats with the heart beat of the All of Love and feeds each life this communion of God I Am.

Circle of Light > Vibration is Infallible

Excerpts from the Messages from God Through Yael and Doug Powell Vibration is Infallible. We are Already Overflowing With our Inheritance from God.
God said: Do you really think there is anyone I love more than you? If you think so, then you are also saying that I am capable of loving more and loving less. I cannot love less. I have one child, and I love My child. You see many children, and you categorize them, put them in piles, and put yourself in a pile by yourself, and perhaps feel forlorn or perhaps feel haughty. Beloveds, I can only love with all the love I have. I do not discriminate. Not at all. How could I? How could I possibly denounce one child of Mine. If the world?s perception were correct, and it were so that I have billions and trillions of offspring, which one child could I love less, and which one could I love more? I love. It is as simple as that. I love. I love this one, and I love that one. I love you.

Heavenletters > Heaven #2739 Why Feel Sorry for Someone?

Have I given you too many things to do or not to do? Of course, all guidance I give boils down to love, so, in actually, there is only one thing I ask of you, and that is to love yourself. You cannot love others more than you love yourself. I speak of loving and not attachment, beloveds. I speak of loving yourself and not holding yourself for ransom, as it were.

Neale Donald Walsch > Should we let go of our dreams?

Question: Dear Neale: My question has to do with creating one’s dreams. It is often said that one must “let go,” yet how do I let go of what I want to create in my life? My dreams never seem to be fulfilled without a lot of devotion. I’ve let go of many dreams, and it’s only led to a very disappointing experience of life. Also, how


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