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Ascension is moving from one dimension to another.  Ascension is moving from a place of struggle to ease.  Ascension on a spiritual level is opening to your gifts and a greater alignment with your soul or source.  During this channel, the Goddess spoke of how we are empowered through our ascension process.

Goddess Light > The Vibration of Abundance

What does abundance mean to you?  For most people it is about paying the bills, buying a house or car, having a well-paying job; a means to end in what you seek to have. All of that is very true.

Goddess Light > The Vibration of Acceptance

People have a perception of what acceptance means to them.  Frequently that belief is that if you ‘accept’ a situation you are saying ‘it’s okay’ when in truth there may be things you don’t like about the situation.  This meditation looks at acceptance in a completely different way.

Goddess Light > The Vibration of Beauty

Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder; indeed this is true. Beauty had been defined by society to be a specific shape, person, reality or experience. When you allow beauty as a vibration to integrate into your life you are moving beyond the ego perspective of beauty.

Goddess Light > The Vibration of Forgiveness

Forgiveness can bring up different emotions in people.  Sometimes people get resentful and believe that forgiveness is ‘saying’ that something is ‘okay’.  The truth is that forgiveness is a vibration that creates change in you that transforms your realities. 

Goddess Light > Love’s Vibration

February is always a month in which people speak of love. Many people feel pressure to have a romantic relationship, others feel a lack and others see it as a time of expressing themselves through love.

Goddess Light > Transform Through the Super Blood Moon Eclipse

The very powerful energies of the super moon with the eclipse are available to you no matter when you no matter when you tap into the energies!  The massive transformation in consciousness just took another step forward with this experience!!

Goddess Light > 2019 Open to the Flow

The first channel of the new year is always a wonderful time to look at your life, clear the past and open to the future. This channel is very powerful in doing all of these steps.

Goddess Light > You Are the Emerging Light

This channel took place the week before Christmas and as anticipated, Yeshua (Jesus) came to speak with us.  Before we even heard from him the Goddess of Creation spoke at length about light.

Goddess Light > A Thankful Vibration

Adding a thankful vibration into your life can create amazing changes from the deepest level to the most superficial.  Everything in life is a vibration.  People will frequently be pulled down or find themselves depressed for no apparent reason.

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