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Goddess Light > Awareness Creates Balance

Look around at your life. Look around at that which may be most important to you. Look around at all that you have manifested in this now moment. Sometimes it is as if, when you look...

Goddess Light > Activating Your DNA

Your physical body is moving through a transformation at this time. You were clearing out the old vibration and frequency. You are finding a new balance within you. 

Goddess Light > Create Your Life Through Choices

This is the year when movement is going to become easier for you. This is the year where it may be that more comes up to your awareness and then more is able to be released.

Everyone within their lives have things that are going well, that are going smoothly, and then other things that may be stuck, or perhaps other things that they find very frustrating.

Goddess Light > Your Soul Knows Your Truth

Anytime that you allow yourself an opportunity to be present in the moment and then take in that perspective from another time space reality you have the opportunity to experience...

Goddess Light > How to Appreciate Your Life

I’m sure everyone at one point or another in life has experienced disappointment. This can come in many different forms such as something happening later than anticipated.

Happy Thanksgiving!!  I hope this finds you doing well in your life and feeling the blessings that are around you. For the United States, this is a time that symbolizes the start of the holiday season.

Goddess Light > Be Nurtured By Universal Light

Every time that you have an idea that comes into you, before you can go into that place of analyzing or talking yourself out of it, take that leap of faith and try something different.

Goddess Light > Activating All Your Senses

This is your opportunity to nurture yourself. This is your opportunity to let go the clutter or the hassles that may be going on during your day. This is a time in which you just simply allow...

Goddess Light > Activating Your Crystalline Chakra & Pineal Gland

We all have energy bodies, called chakras, within our physical bodies. These are what connect us to our spirituality. They are also linked to the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of ourselves. They can become congested or blocked due to problems you have in your life.

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