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Goddess Light > Archangel Michaels Sword of Light

This channel clears energy on many levels and assists you with a new tool from AA Michael.  Even if you were given a sword in the past, this one is associated with the crystalline energies of the universe. 

Goddess Light > Accept You Being YOU

The majority of the time, these teleconferences are about releasing something and then opening to receive.  This one is about just receiving.  Have you had a situation recently where you just received energy?

Goddess Light > Messages From Mother Mary & Kwan Yin

This is a VERY powerful channel and even brought me to tears at one point.  The energy is so strong!

Goddess Light > The Wesak Festival Clears Illusion

Every year around the full moon in May we celebrate the Wesak, Vesak Festival.  For those who don’t know, this is a time when Buddha returns to earth, and for many, Yeshua returns also. 

Goddess Light > Becoming Your Divinity

Love is the foundation for everything. And self-love is the expression of what that is. Everything that you do within your life is about finding that expression of who you are, finding that expression of how you want to embody love.

This channel actually came through on the day of the spring/ fall equinox which allowed us to experience the energies in a particularly strong manner. The day prior to the equinox had a full moon that was called by some as a ‘super moon’ because it was bigger and closer than the moon usually is to the earth. Therefore, as this channel was coming through the energies were very intense!

This is the time for spiritual ascension on the Earth. The network and the foundation has been set up for a very, very long time. So now it is a matter of opening up the doors, opening up the energy, which in turn makes it available...

Goddess Light > Lightbody Integration & You've Arrived!

This channel is truly a powerful integration of energy.  The Goddess spoke as we first began the channel about the crystals that are deep within the earth and their means of balancing the earth.

Goddess Light > In the Flow of Lightbody Energy

This channel with the Goddess came as somewhat of the first anniversary from the time the Lightbody energy began to contact us.  We all have light bodies within and around us that work to support who we are.  The actual lightbody energy that comes through as a consciousness is different.  This is a very high vibrational energy that is now available to us in our daily lives.  This is a part of the crystalline vibration.  It is also what will take us to the next phase within our lives. 

Goddess Light > Blending Your Divinity with Your Ego

I hear from many people that they are seeking to make changes in their lives; but nothing happens. When this comes up in channel, the Goddess is oftentimes saying, ‘it’s not in your reality, because your vibration is different than what you’re seeking to manifest’. 

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