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Goddess Light > Your Soul’s Timeline

I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace all who choose to come and share this time with me. I love these opportunities to get together with you. I love the energy of the Earth and the transformation. I love to have this opportunity to, in some cases awaken people to opportunities to which they were unaware, and for other people to just give you an option to look at your life in a new way. 

Goddess Light > Completion Within Your Life

As the Goddess began this meditation, we created a hologram of our life. In doing so, we were able to experience the one or several things that are most pertinent for us at this time.  We then had the perspective to look at this hologram, walk around it and pay attention as if we...

We recently went to Florida and while there we were out in the inter coastal water way and encountered a group of dolphins.  I did swim in the water with them, but did not have the opportunity to really try and connect.  There were too many people around and too much noise.  So, I'm going to try and do so now... Yes, we are here and we are happy to connect with you!!    There is much we wish to share with people.  You are aware that there is a shift taking place.  This is going to be slow and gradual, but over the next perhaps 5-10 years, there will be fewer and fewer of the dolphins and whales. Q: How are you holding the energy, what are you holding?

Goddess Light > The Vibration of Trust

Trust is a complicated emotion. Some people take it for granted, while for others fear may keep them from trusting. Trust begins within you and it entrained between your soul and human self. It actually is deeply aligned with the vibration of self love.

Goddess Light > Experience Compassion

This channel came a little as unexpected to me. We have worked again and again on shifting energies, releasing past experiences, moving into what we seek to have. During this journey, the Goddess used compassion as the means of creating the change.

Goddess Light > Step Aside For A New Perspective

This channel came at the exact perfect time! The energies continue to intensify and more and more of the crystalline is available for the earth. The more that people consciously open to allow greater flow in their life, the more there is available for everyone.

Goddess Light > Embrace Your Human Experience

This channel is about opening to a greater perspective of you as a human.  For so long, people have been striving to manifest more of their divinity, to be less in the ego or their personality.  The next phase of integration is about a deeper acceptance of yourself as the human you are.  The greater your understanding, acceptance and integration; the greater amount of your divinity you can manifest. The Goddess goes on to talk about the various energy bodies that make up who we are as a person; physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and lightbody. 

Goddess Light > It's All Good!

Before we expand beyond out physical body, the Goddess talks about the intensity of the energy and how people are feeling it.  Then once we arrive in the All That Is, we have the opportunity to view what is happening upon the earth through the various frequencies.  From some it looks overwhelming; from others it looks like immense opportunity.  The Goddess speaks of using the energy as a mirror.  When you do so, you have a greater ability to discern the various levels of energy and what it's reflection means for you.   She then works with all of us to create a swirling energy that assists in shifting and releasing anything that is holding us back. 

Goddess Light > Reprogram Your Life

Have you ever wanted to have a do-over in your life? Have you ever been sick of a particular habit you have? Do you have a tendency to be depressed or angry or frustrated or any other emotion? This channel began with another technical glitch taking place!

Goddess Light > You Are a Beacon of Light

So much happened during this channel that I feel as if I could write a book!! In part, the Goddess summarized some of the major things that she’s worked with over the past year. 

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