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Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2477 Be respectful first

Anger flares up when your perceived right to control is affected. Anger is always a control issue, beloveds.

Someone should not have done what they did, nor say what they did, nor step on your lawn. They should do as you see fit. Maybe they really should, yet why are you so hot under the collar?

Don't mind so much when you feel sleepy. Sometimes it's hard for you to wake up. And sometimes it's hard for you to get to sleep. Either way you are disgruntled. It is you who sets the clock.. What if it's right when you feel sleepy, and right when you're wide awake?
God said:

Change is the name of the game, beloveds. Be ready to change directions at a moment's notice. More than flexibility is required. You will have to become free-flowing water and be affable whatever direction you go in. In Truth, you are an all-directioned Being.

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