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Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2549 Sow the Seeds

Be attached to nothing. Be not attached to anything. Be not attached to trains running on time, your computer working... Anything that is manmade, you are not to be attached to. The sun will rise every day, but all your appliances and contrivances may not. They don't have to! What is it exactly that you think depends upon everything working as you expect it to?

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2544 God and the World

You do not forsake anyone when you put Me first. Who was first to Christ and Buddha and Mohammedan if not I?

God said:

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2396 Where Are You

God said:

How is it possible to imagine a world without Me in it? What a desert that would be. It is too terrible to contemplate. Forget I ever mentioned it.

God said:

Joy to the world. The King has come.

Do you know by now that you -- every single one of you -- are the kings of life, and that you have been sent to Earth to make the beloved Planet Earth holy? You have come to add blessings and to take away woe. That is your instruction book. And if you do nothing but add blessings, you will have taken away woe.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2260 Unclasp Love

God said: You expect a lot from life at the same time as you limit it. Have a wide-open landscape or seascape in mind, not a narrow one. Something you desire does not have to come to you in a particular way. Perhaps you desire a red car. When a yellow one comes your way, better not to stamp your foot and spurn it. Certainly, with matters of the heart, you may alight on a certain individual, and you say, “I want that one.” And you are petulant when that one has a dream different from yours, even opposed to yours. And so you may close yourself to other love that is on the horizon because you have a particular vision in mind. Do you see how this is a game you play with yourself? Dreams come true, beloveds, and yet you don’t want to bind yourself to certain outcomes. Have a picture in mind but not a photograph. Keep your heart open for love. If a specified love of your life does not come your way, let unspecified love enter. 
God said: No longer waste your energy on anger and its milder cousin, frustration. Don’t be put out by all the things you are put out by. One thing after another seems to bother you. Every new street corner you come to is different from the one before. You love wide avenues and roads with terraces in the center, yet you are not aggrieved when streets present themselves otherwise. You don’t say: “Those streets. What’s the matter with them? Why aren’t they all beautiful the way I like them to be?” But is this not what you do with people? You want them to be different from how they appear to you.
God Said:

Good morning, Sunshine. Let Me see a smile on your face. Be like the sunshine, bright, gorgeous, shining all day and shining on all. Smile back to the Sun, and you will feel blessings all day.

Just about always, what you smile at smiles back at you. Make someone happy with an unexpected smile from you.

God said:

What miracles does today hold for you? What delightful surprises are in store for you? What manna from Heaven will you receive today? And what miracles divined for others will you be a part of today? Given the opportunity, what would you like to delight others with? What treat would you plan? What gift from Me would you give today?

God said:

In a world without clocks, you would more easily be in tune with nature.

In a world attuned with nature, you would rise with the sun, and you would set with the sun. Your eyesight would be excellent.

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